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    Acai Packets From Costco — The Hearty Healthy Breakfast Your Family Will Love

    We are hooked on acai bowls. A shop opened in our town a few years ago, and my kids went wild. At first, I was thrilled that they were eating this superfood, fruit, and granola, and then those trips started to add up — each bowl was more than $10!

    Yet again — Costco to the rescue!

    Costco Acai Packet Review

    While the warehouse has acai bowls at the food court, we couldn’t buy them in bulk. However, I was thrilled to find frozen acai packets at Costco. They immediately went into my cart.

    Here’s everything you need to know about acai packets from Costco.

    Picture of Prepared Acai Packet From Costco

    Can You Get Acai From Costco?

    Yes, Costco has acai! You can buy acai bowls at the Costco food court or acai packets from the frozen food section. The packages are NOT the same as what’s sold in the food court, although both are good. 

    The retailer used to sell the Sambazon Organic Acai Packets, but I haven’t seen them recently. 

    Now they carry the Tattooed Chef Organic Acai Bowls. Each box contains six packets of the superfood and individual bags of toppings, including fruit, granola, and coconut.

    The packets are in the frozen food section near the fruits and desserts.

    Acai Packets Costco Price

    The Tattooed Chef Acai Packets are $13.99 for a package of six, including toppings. 

    If you break it down, the cost per serving is $2.33, which is significantly less than if you were to purchase a bowl at an acai shop, where they go for over $10 each! 

    Are Costco Acai Bowls Healthy?

    Essentially, acai bowls are pureed acai berries. This superfood is from Central and South America, and many tout its health benefits.

    The acai puree has a vibrant color; it’s versatile and high in antioxidants and fiber. Added sugar, large portions, and topping selection often diminish the health benefits. 

    The acai packets from Costco do not have most of those issues. The Tattooed Chef version doesn’t have added sugar, and the serving size is reasonable at 6 ounces. 

    The fat content jumps from 2.5 grams per serving to 8 grams per serving with the addition of toppings. About half of that is saturated fat. This product does not contain trans fats.

    Acai Packets From Costco – Calories

    A six-ounce serving of the Costco acai packet alone contains 100 calories. An acai packet with toppings is 180 calories.

    How to Make An Acai Bowl With Costco Packets

    It couldn’t be easier to make the acai packets from Costco. If you have time, place the bowls and topping packets on the counter and remove the film for forty-five minutes to thaw. Sprinkle toppings on, and enjoy!

    If you are time-pressed, you can microwave the bowls. Remove the film and place toppings to the side. Microwave for 30 seconds, remove and stir, then cook for 10 seconds more. You may need additional time since microwave wattages vary.

    The simple preparation makes the acai packets from Costco an excellent snack for kids to prepare for themselves. 

    Costco Acai Packet Review

    We loved these bowls! They were filling, delicious, and easy for my kids to prepare. The acai packets from Costco make a great weekday breakfast or afternoon snack.

    They are significantly cheaper than if you were to buy them at a shop. They are a budget-friendly breakfast option at slightly less than $3 a serving.

    We love that they are in bowls allowing for the ultimate in portability. You can bring these to the office or school for a late breakfast or lunch. 

    Even though there isn’t any added sugar, they are not bland. Those berries have a great flavor, and the toppings add a great crunch. 

    A minor gripe is that the toppings are in one packet. If you don’t love coconut (like me), you must pull it out. It’s not a significant issue, although it is if you have an allergy to coconut. 

    The Tattooed Chef Acai Bowls are certified organic, vegan, and gluten-free. 

    We would definitely buy the acai packet from Costco again. 

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    Costco Acai Packs

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