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    Here Is The BEST Costco Super Bowl Food For 2023

    No matter which team you root for, gathering friends to watch the big game is a great reason to get together. And it’s really about the food. 

    Let’s make this year’s party easier with one trip to our favorite retailer. We’ve got the best Costco Super Bowl food. Whether you are having a low-key night with family or the entire neighborhood, we’ve got the best appetizers, main dishes, and more.

    Serve these foods, and your party will be the talk of the town, all without spending hours shopping or cooking.

    The Best Costco Super Bowl Food — Appetizers

    These are the best finger foods from Costco. We covered that in great detail if you are looking for the best Costco dips. These items were available in-store and online as of January 2023, as inventory varies by location. 

    1. Minh Mini Chicken Egg Rolls
    Image of a great Costco Super Bowl appetizer, Mini Egg Rolls

    We love this Costco appetizer! Easy to prepare and tasty. They can be a bit soggy if you microwave them. Bust out that air fryer to make egg rolls. Serve with duck sauce and Thai Sweet Chili Sauce. 

    1. Petit Cuisine Mozzarella Sticks

    You can’t go wrong with fried cheese. Don’t overlook this product from Petit Cuisine as the packaging recently changed. The old and new packages are in the photo above; the black background is the newer one. Be sure to follow the directions, and not overcook, or the cheese will spill out. Rao’s marinara sauce is a great dip. It’s available in the dry goods section.

    1. Cuisine Adventures Spanakopita

    Spanakopita is phyllo dough filled with spinach and feta. These triangles are great on their own.

    1. Spring Valley Assorted Cocktail Beef Franks 

    Also known as pigs in a blanket, these mini hot dogs are a classic Super Bowl appetizer. The assortment is new to the warehouse, including some with an everything bagel seasoning. These hot dogs hold their heat for a while, so give them time to cool before serving to avoid burnt mouths. We love them with ketchup or spicy brown mustard. 

    1. Taylor Farms Vegetable Tray with Everything Ranch Dip

    Look no further if you’re looking for a healthy Costco Super Bowl appetizer. This veggie tray has plenty of snappy dippers and a great dressing. Just peel the cover and serve.

    1. Cello Cheese Variety Pack

    There are a few fancier cheese options at Costco, but for the Super Bowl, we want crowd-pleasers. The Cello Cheese Variety Pack is full of cheeses your guests will love. The cheeses are pre-sliced, but we recommend you take them off the tray and separate them for a better presentation. Serve with ritz crackers, available in the pantry section.

    1. Fratelli Bertetta Charcuterie Sampler

    If you want to take your cheese platter to the next level, the Fratelli Bertetta Charcuterie Sampler is a great purchase. There are three different types of salami, plus chorizo and soppressata. A few salamis are big, so chop them in half to make them more manageable for guests.

    1. Organic Edamame
    Image of organic edamame a healthy Costco appetizer

    Another healthy Super Bowl appetizer from Costco is the organic edamame from the frozen food section. The bag is enormous, but it contains packets that are party perfect. Heat as directed, then sprinkle with salt. These soybeans are in their shells, so have a bowl close by for empty pods.

    1. Tortilla Chips and Salsa

    Costco sells large bags of Tositos. You will find them at the end of the frozen food aisles. Serve them with a few of the many dips or go the traditional route and try Cantina Jack’s Salsa.

    1.  Lays Chip Assortment

    If you aren’t sure which chips your guests like, buy an assortment! This box from Lay’s has six classics that are sure to please. If there are any leftovers, they make great lunch snacks since they are individually wrapped. 

    11. Ore Ida Bagel Bites

    More than a great after-school snack, Ore Ida Bagel Bites are adult-friendly, too! If you are serving little ones, I’ve found that most kids like them a bit mushy from the microwave. 

    12. Kirkland Signature Meatballs

    We’ve written extensively about Kirkland meatballs on our sister site, The Kitchen Chalkboard. The Costco version of the Italian staple is a versatile product. Heat them and serve on a toothpick, or make Grape Jelly Meatballs. If you want a heartier dish, these are the perfect shortcut for meatball subs topped with Rao’s marinara sauce. 

    13. Sandwich Bros. Chicken Melts

    Costco Chicken Bake Box

    These chicken cutlet sandwiches could easily be a main dish but cut in half, they are the perfect Costco Super Bowl appetizer. Use a pizza cutter to slice and place on a platter. We love them without sauce, but Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ would be an excellent dip.

    14. Buffalo Wings

    Image of raw buffalo wings which make a great Costco Super Bowl Food

    From frozen to fresh, there are several versions of wings at Costco. We like to make our own using this Anchor Bar recipe. If you don’t have enough time to invest, try the seasoned raw wings in the refrigerated section or the fully cooked Takeout Wings in the freezer.  

    Costco Super Bowl Food — Main Dishes

    Appetizers are great, but we have more of the best Costco Super Bowl food if you want something heartier to feed your guests.

    1. Pulled Pork

    We’ve done a great breakdown of the two brands of Costco pulled pork (spoiler alert: one is MUCH better). Heat the meat and serve on King’s Hawaiian Buns with Sweet Baby Ray’s Original BBQ sauce, both available at the warehouse.

    1. Kirkland Signature Pizzas

    Kirkland frozen pizzas are a GREAT Costco Super Bowl food. They cook in minutes, and everyone likes them! They are frozen, so they don’t rival your local pizzeria, but they are a solid version of the frozen variety. Even though they look similar, we don’t recommend the pepperoni pizza; it’s too greasy for our liking. 

    1. Kirkland Signature Chicken Bakes

    This popular Food Court item is also in the frozen food section! Kirkland Signature Chicken Bakes are easy to make. They are HOT inside after cooking, so give them a few minutes to cool down. If you are making them in the microwave, turn them halfway through cooking as the directions recommend, it makes a difference.

    1. Ribs
    Image of uncooked Costco Ribs, perfect for your next Super Bowl party

    We typically buy the uncooked version and make them in the Instapot to minimize cook time. If you aren’t interested in cooking from scratch, try the prepared ribs next to the famous rotisserie chicken under the heat lamps.

    What’s your favorite Costco Super Bowl food? Let me know in the comments below; I’d love to check them out! 

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