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    Here Are The 14 Best Costco Valentines Gifts For 2023 

    It’s time to throw the love around. Valentine’s Day is February 14. What better than to combine a trip to your favorite warehouse store with the holiday?

    We are discussing Costco Valentines today. 

    If you need gifts for loved ones or want the ultimate valentines day menu from Costo, we’ve got you covered. We shopped in the warehouse and got the best deals for 2023.

    Let’s see what’s in store.

    Read more: Here Are The 14 Best Costco Valentines Gifts For 2023 

    The Best Costco Valentines For 2023

    Costco Flowers

    Images of Costco Valentines Flowers
    Flowers are the perfect Costco Valentine. Remember, vases are not included. 
    1. Roses — This gift dates back to the 17th century, so why break tradition? Roses are most often gifted as they represent love. Costco sells two dozen Rainforest Alliance Certified roses for $18.99. This certification shows that farmers and companies are making their products more sustainable, creating a better future for people and nature. Roses from other retailers soar, and costs skyrocket on February 14. 
    2. Mixed Blooms Bouquet — If roses are too formal or you want something more colorful, check out the premium bouquets available for $16.99. These include carnations, daisies, and other popular flowers in various colors. 
    3. Floral Arrangement — A larger arrangement is available for three dollars more than the premium bouquet. It’s about a third bigger than the cheaper version and includes different varieties. If you have someone that loves flowers, this is the one to get!
    4. Deluxe Garden Bunch — If you are on a budget, check out the deluxe garden bunch for $9.99. These smaller bunches come in all different colors and varieties. Included in this price are groups of the now-trending Baby’s Breath, which wholesalers insist has made a comeback in popularity.
    5. Potted Orchids — If you want a little more staying power, check out the orchids for $18.99. These flowers are known to be low maintenance. The American Orchid Society has terrific tips for care. 

    Costco Valentines Chocolates

    Image of Costco Chocolates available in the warehouse, including Godiva
    If your loved one likes sweet treats, the warehouse has excellent options!
    1. Godiva Prestige Biscuits Collection — This box combines dark chocolate and a heart-shaped cookie and retails for $15.99 and is sure to please. 
    2. Godiva Masterpieces — Skip the cookie and enjoy a bold dark chocolate heart filled with chocolate ganache. With over 50 pieces per bag, there’s plenty to share. A 14.8-ounce bag retails for $9.99.
    3. Desobry Heart Collection — Godiva isn’t the only Belgian Chocolate variety Costco carries. The retailer sells Desobry Heart Collection. This variety pack has milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate-covered biscuits.

    Other Costco Valentines Gifts

    1. Fake Orchid — If your recipient doesn’t have a green thumb, perhaps an artificial plant would be a great Valentine’s present. Available in purple or white, it’s a great addition to any home for $39.99.
    2. Restaurant Gift Certificates — Even though Costco is an international retailer, it often partners with local restaurants and sells gift certificates. Two packs of gift cards are near the books in the center of the store. This is a great present to make sure that date night happens.
    3. Spafinder Gift Card — I didn’t see this one in store this year, but it is available online. Yes, you can shop at Costco online; we have all the details. Gift your loved one a day of relaxation. Costco has two $50 gift cards for $79.99. They are redeemable at over 1,000 spas nationwide. These e-gift cards are printable right away, making them perfect for anyone that waited until the last minute.
    4. Movie Gift Certificates —For $36.99, you receive two movie tickets plus a $20 gift card for concessions. Tickets are good at AMC theaters nationwide. 
    5. Throw Blanket — If your loved one loves cozy, these throw blankets are perfect. They are the perfect addition to a night at home and are only $16.99.
    6. Strawberry Yogurt Pretzels — Besides being the perfect shade of pink for the holiday, these strawberry and yogurt-covered pretzels are a great mix of salty and sweet.

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