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    The Ultimate Guide To Freezing And Reheating Costco Rotisserie Chicken: Tips And Tricks For Maximum Flavor And Freshness

    The best timesaver is a Costco rotisserie chicken. It’s simple, versatile, and cheap. There aren’t too many things you can purchase for less than $5. Let alone one that makes a meal. 

    Almost every Costco haul includes a chicken or two. One is for dinner, and the other is for freezing. Yes, you can freeze a Costco rotisserie chicken. 

    The results are great, too! But there are a few things you need to know. So let’s learn precisely how to freeze a Costco rotisserie chicken.

    Can I Freeze A Whole Costco Rotisserie Chicken?

    An excellent Costco hack is buying an extra rotisserie chicken to freeze. It's a simple process that yields fantastic results. 

    Long known as a cult classic, the Costco rotisserie chicken at $4.99 is a downright steal. You can’t purchase the uncooked version for that price. 

    Can you freeze Costco rotisserie chicken? Yes, and you should; it’s well worth it. 

    How To Freeze A Costco Rotisserie Chicken

    There are several ways to freeze a rotisserie chicken which all work well. Your chosen method will depend on how long you intend to store it. 

    If you plan to use the chicken in the next few weeks, cut it off the bone and place it in a freezer bag. Be sure to remove the air from the bag before storing it. 

    Since air degrades the meat and causes freezer burn, a Vacuum Sealer is your best bet for longer-term storage. Since you are a Costco shopper, it’s worth every penny. 

    If you have no immediate plans to use the frozen rotisserie chicken, it’s best to wrap bundles of meat in plastic and place them in a giant freezer bag. 

    When Is The Best Time To Freeze Rotisserie Chicken?

    For peak freshness, it’s best to freeze a rotisserie chicken the day you buy it.

    According to the USDA, rotisserie chicken lasts up to four days. You can freeze the chicken four days after purchase, and it will still be good.

    Refrigeration slows but does not stop bacterial growth. Handling meats properly is important; keep them at the appropriate temperatures. Always trust your senses. If it doesn’t look, smell, or taste good, it’s best to toss it. 

    How Long Can You Freeze Rotisserie Chicken?

    It depends on how it’s stored. If vacuum sealed, it will last a long time. According to Food Saver, the vacuum-sealed chicken will last 2-3 years. In my experience, most meat lasts about 18 months. 

    Chicken stored in regular freezer bags should last about four months without a problem. After that time, the quality may begin to degrade. 

    How To Defrost Frozen Rotissiere Chicken

    Place the chicken in the refrigerator for about 24 hours to properly defrost. 

    If you need to use it sooner, submerge it in cold water, switching it out every 30 minutes. A pound of meat should take less than an hour, while a 3-4 pound chicken may take 2-3 hours. 

    You can thaw frozen rotisserie chickens in the microwave, but we’ve found the meat to dry out. If you wish to try this method, place the chicken on a plate and cook on low for one minute at a time. It should take about 6-8 minutes per pound. 

    Can You Freeze Costco Rotisserie Chicken On The Bone?

    Yes, if you are wondering, can you freeze Costco rotisserie chicken on the bone? You can! It will take longer to defrost, and reheating is tricky. We recommend you cut the meat off the bone before freezing. 

    You must handle the chicken properly. Allow the chicken to cool completely but do not leave it on the counter for more than two hours. That’s when the bacteria starts to grow.

    Freezing stops bacterial growth but does not eliminate it.

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    Can you freeze Costco Rotisserie Chicken

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