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    25+ Appetizing Offers: Unveiling the Top Food Deals in the Costco April 2024 Coupon Book!

    The latest Costco April 2024 Coupon Book showcases an array of enticing food deals that will catch your attention! We’ve meticulously compared these offers with previous promotions, revealing recurring deals from November 2023. Dive into the Costco Coupon Book for April 2024 to discover some of the standout food bargains.

    Please remember that these prices are effective until April 30, 2024. While Costco’s Coupon Books typically don’t list product prices, we’ve included local store prices.

    The Best Deals From the Costco April 2024 Coupon Book

    • Starbucks K-Cups $8 off now $33.99
    • Newman’s Own K-Cups $10 off now $36.99
    • Simply Protein Crispy Bars $5.40 off 
    • Oreo Cookies $3.50 off now $7.49 (last on sale in December)
    • Veggie Straws $5 off now
    • Siete Grain Free Tortilla Chips $2.40 off
    • Nature Valley Biscuits $4.80 off
    • Frito Lay Mix $5 off now $14.39
    • Pure Organics Fruit Layer Bars $4 off now $9.99 last on sale in March
    • Hellman’s Squeeze Mayo $3 off
    • Starbucks French Roast $5.50 off
    • Izze Sparkling Juice $5 off
    • Rao’s Marinara Sauce $3 off now $8.89 EXCELLENT PRICE
    • Vita Coconut Water $5.50 off now 
    • La Croix Sparkling Water $2.50 off 
    • Birds Eye Garlic Chicken Meal $3.30 off
    • Royal Asia Spring Rolls $3 off now $6.99
    • Outshine Fruit Bars $3 off
    • Kerrygold Irish Butter $3.60 off now $10.89
    • Naked Juice $5 off
    • Wholly Guacamole $4 off now $9.49 (best price since January)
    • Baby Bell Cheese $4.30 off 
    • Laughing Cow Cheese $3.50 off
    • The Falafel Company Beef Kebabs $3.60 off now $5.19 (EXCELLENT PRICE)

    These prices are valid until April 30, 2024. Online prices may be higher.

    Have you tried any of these products from Costco’s April 2024 Coupon Book or better great deals? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to read!


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