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    2023 Costco Christmas Appetizers: The Best Festive Bites for Holiday Delight

    As the holiday season approaches, the quest for delightful and stress-free entertaining begins, and what better ally than Costco to elevate your Christmas festivities? Costco Christmas Appetizers offer a delectable array of gourmet options that promise to turn your gatherings into memorable feasts. 

    From savory bites to sweet indulgences, Costco’s diverse selection ensures something for every palate. Join us on a culinary journey as we unwrap the joy of festive flavors and explore the best Costco offers for a Christmas celebration that’s as delicious as it is effortless.

    Does Costco Sell Appetizers?

    Yes! Costco has some excellent appetizers. Most are in the refrigerated section or the freezers. 

    Best Costco Christmas Appetizers

    Easy Costco Christmas Appetizers

    Pigs in A Blanket

    These aren’t just for kids, although they love them too. Pigs in a blanket are the perfect holiday appetizer. Don’t forget the mustard and ketchup!


    For a classic Costco Christmas Appetizer with a beautiful presentation, look no further than Spanikopita. Your guests will love these little phyllo dough stuffed triangles. Some may even question if they are homemade. 


    Costco Italian Meatballs are some of the most popular Costco foods, and it’s no surprise. They are easy to prepare, tasty, and versatile. Plan for 2-3 per person, but be ready to make more; they are crowd-pleasers. 


    We’ve reviewed every dip in the warehouse this year. For a great Costco Christmas Appetizer, we’d recommend Spinach Artichoke, which is warm, comforting, and a big crowd-pleaser.

    Cauliflower Pizza

    Now I know you think pizza isn’t an appetizer! Hear me out; this cauliflower pizza is excellent, and when sliced into small pieces, it’s the perfect starter for a holiday meal.

    Panko Shrimp

    If you want a fancy appetizer that’s easy to make, look no further than Kirkland Signature Panko Shrimp. All it takes is a short stint in the oven before it’s ready to serve. The tails make for an elegant presentation. While technically you can eat shrimp tails, most guests don’t forget the cocktail napkins. Read our full review for all the details, including the best dipping sauces. 

    Veggie Platter

    If you plan a hearty Christmas Dinner and want to keep the appetizers light, serve a veggie platter! 

    Vegan And Vegetarian Costco Christmas Appetizers


    Inside the giant bag of Costco Edamame, you’ll find smaller pouches ready for the microwave. Heat for three minutes, sprinkle some kosher salt, and have a healthy holiday appetizer. 

    Roasted Chickpeas

    Roasted chickpeas require little effort but not much. Drain and rinse the garbanzo beans and rub them with a clean dish towel to remove the clear covers. Coat with olive oil and sprinkle with spice blends (2 tsp smoked paprika / 1 tsp cumin or 3 tsp sugar / 1 tsp cinnamon) and roast in a preheated 425-degree oven for 25 minutes.

    How Many Appetizers For Christmas?

    Planning a successful party involves considering various aspects, and one crucial element is the amount of food you’ll need to satisfy your guests. Regarding appetizers, striking the right balance is essential to ensure everyone leaves your gathering with a full stomach and a smile. When planning, you want three types of appetizers, two pieces per person:

    Consider offering three types of appetizers to create a diverse and appealing spread for your guests. Aim for at least two pieces per person, providing variety without overwhelming your guests.

    Dips – 1 Ounce Per Person:

    Dips are a crowd-pleaser and an excellent way to kick off your party with a burst of flavor. Whether it’s a classic spinach and artichoke dip or a zesty guacamole, plan to serve approximately 1 ounce of dip per person. This quantity lets guests enjoy a generous portion without running out too quickly.

    1 Cup of Chips Per Person:

    Pairing dips with the right amount of chips is crucial for a satisfying snacking experience. On average, plan for about 1 cup of chips per person. This amount ensures that everyone has enough crispy companions for their chosen dips. Consider offering a mix of tortilla chips, pita chips, and vegetable sticks for a well-rounded selection.

    Calculating Total Quantities:

    To simplify your party planning, let’s break down the quantities for a hypothetical gathering of 20 guests:

    • Three Types of Appetizers (2 Pieces Each):
      • Total Pieces Needed: 3 types * 2 pieces = 6 pieces per person
      • Total for 20 Guests: 6 pieces * 20 guests = 120 pieces
    • Dips (1 Ounce Per Person):
      • Total Ounces Needed: 1 ounce per person * 20 guests = 20 ounces
    • Chips (1 Cup Per Person):
      • Total Cups Needed: 1 cup per person * 20 guests = 20 cups

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