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    March Madness: Unveiling the Top Food Deals in The Costco Coupon Book For March 2024

    Costco’s latest monthly ad featuring food deals has just been released, and it’s filled with some great offers! We’ve taken the time to compare these prices with previous deals and have noticed several repeats from the November 2023 pricing. Take a look at some of the top food deals from the Costco Coupon Book for March 2024.

    Keep in mind that these prices are valid until March 31, 2024. It’s worth noting that Costco doesn’t include product pricing in their Coupon Books, so we’ve included prices from our local store for reference.

    The Best Deals From Costco Coupon Book For March 2024

    Kirkland Signature K-Cups on sale in the Costco Coupon Book March 2024
    • Costco K-Cups $6 off now $29.99 (These go on sale every few months. They taste GREAT)
    • Edward Marc Chocolatier Girl Scouts Thin Mints Bites $3.60 off now $8.39
    • Alani Nu Energy Drink $6 off now $16.49 (plus bottle deposits where applicable)
    • Nature Valley Oats N’ Honey Bars $5 off now $10.99
    • Kellogg’s Cracker Collection $4 off now $7.69 (lowest price we’ve seen in a year)
    • Heavenly Hunks Organic Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Cookies $3 off now $6.99
    • TRUBAR Plant-Based Protein Bar $6 off now $13.89
    • Late July Snacks Organic Multigrain Sea Salt Tortilla Chips $2 off now $5.89
    • Boom Chicka Pop $2.30 off now $3.69
    • Brookside Acai & Blueberry Dark Chocolates $3.60 off now $8.39
    • Sanders Dark or Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels $3.30 off now $7.69
    • Nescafe Taster’s Choice Instant Coffee $5 off now $11.49
    • Dunkin Donuts Medium Roast Original Blend Ground Coffee $6 off now $16.49
    • Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Classic Mayo $3 off now $6.69
    • Snapdragon Vietnamese Pho Bowls $3.30 off now $8.69
    • Honey Bunches of Oats $2.30 off now $5.29
    • Tasty Bite Organic Madras Lentils $4.80 off now $10.99
    • MUSH Overnight Oats $3 off now $6.99
    • Chobani Non-Fat Greek Yogurt $5 off now $10.99
    • Sambazon Organic Dragon Fruit Superfood Boost $2.90 off now $4.99
    • Kirkland Signature Panko Shrimp $4 off now $15.99
    • Trident Seafoods Panko Breaded Wild Caught Ultimate Fish Sticks $4.50 off now $10.49
    • Milton’s Roasted Vegetable Cauliflower Crust Pizza $3.40 off now $10.49
    • Ling Ling Chicken and Vegetable Potstickers $4 off now $8.99
    • Don Lee Farms Grilled Chicken Patties $4.50 off now $10.49
    • Giovanni Rana Cheese and Vegetable Lasagna Primavera $4.20 off now $9.79
    • Teton Waters Ranch 100% Grass Fed Beef Polish Sausage $4.50 off now $12.49
    • Boursin Gourmay Cheese $3 off now $7.69
    • Perfect Bar Organic Protein Bar $6 off now $13.99

    These prices are valid until March 31, 2024. Online prices may be higher.

    Have you tried any of these products from Costco’s March 2024 Coupon Book or better great deals? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to read!

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