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    Costco Easter Dinner

    Planning Your Perfect Costco Easter Dinner: Tips, Tricks, and Delicious Recipes

    Updated March 2024

    Spring has sprung, and Easter is just around the corner! While it’s a time to celebrate with family and friends, preparing a big holiday dinner can be daunting. Luckily, our favorite retailer has come to the rescue.

    It’s time to check out Costco Easter Dinner options. 

    Whether you’re looking for a ham dinner with all the fixings or just a few sides to complement your cooking, Costco has various delicious and affordable options to make your Easter celebration a success. 

    So sit back, relax, and have a Costco Easter Dinner do the heavy lifting this holiday season!

    Picture of Costco Easter Appetizer Ideas

    Costco Easter Appetizers

    Deviled Eggs

    The warehouse doesn’t sell this appetizer, but this recipe from Food Network is very straightforward. While egg prices have risen considerably, they are a good deal at Costco. Our warehouse had two dozen eggs for $7.59. 

    La Terra Fina Spinach Artichoke Dip with Veggies

    This dip is one of our favorite Costco Dips and a big hit at our Super Bowl Celebration. It’s salty and versatile while remaining light enough to fit into any Easter Celebration. Serve it with vegetables or mini naan. $9.49 for 31 ounces.

    Veggie Platter

    Short on time? Pick up a veggie platter at Costco. It’s the perfect Easter Appetizer. The included ranch dressing is delicious. $11.29 for 52 ounces.

    Cheese and Crackers

    If you are looking for a straightforward crowd-pleaser, cheese and crackers are the way to go. We like the assorted cheese platter and crackers. The warehouse has Kellogg’s Entertainment Crackers on sale until the end of the month. $8.89 for 52 ounces.

    Costco Easter Dinner Starter

    Costco Easter Starter - Broccoli Cheese Soup


    If you are looking for a simple Easter starter from Costco, check out their selection of soups. We love the Panera broccoli cheese soup. Plan on ½ cup per person serving size. Each tub contains a little less than four servings. $10.59 for three pounds.


    Hop on over to the refrigerated vegetable section and grab one of the many salad kits. Their Caesar is delicious and a crowd-pleaser, but our current favorite, Thai Chili Mango, would complement ham well. Caesar Kit is $8.99, and Thai Chili Mango is $7.99.

    Costco Easter Dinner Main Dishes

    Costco Easter Dinner Main Dish Ideas


    Part of a traditional Easter Menu, Costco has two options for ham. If you want a no-fuss option that serves a crowd, try the Spiral Ham. It tastes great and requires little prep. $2.29 a pound for spiral ham.


    It may not be traditional, but Costco Turkey is a crowd-pleaser. They only carry whole turkeys during the holidays, but the Kirkland Signature Turkey Breast is available year-round. It’s easy to cook, and the leftovers are great for sandwiches.

    Pork Shoulder

    We often use the cut for pulled pork, but it’s also delicious when roasted. Just a little bit of seasoning makes the Costco Pork Shoulder shine. But, plan for a long cooking time.


    The warehouse has chops and whole roasts. These are great options if you want a traditional meal.

    Whole Chicken

    Consider serving a whole chicken if you have a small celebration but want to make it memorable. Ina Garten’s Engagement Chicken recipe takes a whole chicken to the next level. Don’t forget to make the gravy!

    Costco Easter Dinner Side Dishes


    These small potatoes are perfect for roasting. Cut into quarters, toss with olive oil and salt, and bake plan for four ounces per person. Yukon golds are excellent for mashing; you’ll need ½ pound per person.

    Crescent Rolls

    These classic, buttery buns are perfect for your Easter Dinner. Eight rolls are in a tube; most people eat 1-2. 

    Brussel Sprouts

    You may think these mini cabbages are an Autumn dish, but they work for Easter, too! We love them shredded in a salad. Cookie and Kate’s Kate’s Shredded Brussel Sprouts Salad is an all-time favorite around here, and it looks impressive!

    Roasted Carrots

    Carrots aren’t just for the Easter Bunny. They make a great Easter Side Dish. Roasted with some maple syrup and brown sugar, even the pickiest eaters will love them!

    Pea Salad

    Peas scream Springtime, and a simple pea salad adds beautiful brightness to your holiday table. Many recipes include mayo and bacon, but we like this Minty Pea Salad from Budget Bytes for Easter. Costco’s frozen peas are perfect for this.

    Scalloped Potatoes

    Try the prepared scalloped potatoes if you want a hearty side dish without prep. You’ll find them in the refrigerated section near the other ready meals. We usually see them around holidays, although it’s hit or miss. But if they are available, you may want to add them to your Easter menu.

    Costco Easter Desserts

    Costco Easter Dinner Desserts

    Peanut Butter Pie 

    Customers are going crazy for the newest dessert on the block, Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie. It easily serves ten, but you’ll want a second helping.


    The warehouse sells cheesecake but not just any version, Junior’s version. This New York company has been making these desserts for over seventy years. 


    There are two options for this classic Italian dessert: individual cups or a larger bakery version. Both are delicious, although I think the smaller cups make for a better presentation.


    After a big meal, some guests may just want to graze for dessert. This fruit platter is an excellent complement to Costco’s many desserts. 

    Costco Easter Brunch Menu

    Costco Easter Brunch Menu Ideas


    No Costco Easter Brunch Menu would be complete with a quiche. The warehouse has three eggy options: La Terra Fina Spinach and Artichoke 2-pack, Alla Prima Mini Crustless Quiche, and Cusine Adventures mini quiches. 


    In the bakery section, these are perfect for a crowd. These are great with jam and jelly, or go savory and serve with ham and swiss cheese. Each package holds 12 large croissants.


    Kirkland bacon is a freezer staple in our house. It’s not too thick or thin and has the perfect salty flavor. Bake in a 400-degree oven on a cooling rack over a baking sheet covered in aluminum foil for easy cleanup.


    Round out the meal with a fruit tray. The warehouse has many berries, fruits, and premade trays.

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