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    Costco Hot Sauce And Beyond 10 Best Spicy Foods At The Warehouse

    Spicy food lovers rejoice! Our favorite warehouse has several spicy products meant to tantalize your senses. I’m not just talking about Costco hot sauce, although there are several excellent ones there. 

    From snacks to sauces, Spicy food at Costco abounds. Read on as we wander the aisles for the very best heat-filled treats.

    Truff Hot Sauce 

    Costco Truff Hot Sauce

    Truff hot sauce combines the luxurious black truffle with a chili blend for a unique flavor that elevates dishes to the next culinary level. Unlike most truffle products that overwhelm food with fungi flavor, this Costco truffle hot sauce strikes the perfect balance of flavor. It’s excellent on chicken nuggets, eggs, tacos, and wings.

    Costco Truffle Hot Sauce — $14.99 for two six-ounce bottles 

    Jongga Kimchi 

    If you want healthy food that brings some heat, try Costco Kimchi. Fermented food has numerous benefits, including anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory. Some kimchi have high sodium levels, but this isn’t too bad at 200mg. 

    The ingredient list of this Costco Kimchi is short: napa cabbage, radish, rice paste (rice powder, water), salt, red pepper powder, garlic, kelp base sauce (kelp extract, sorbitol), chives, Korean leek, fermented anchovy sauce, (anchovy, salt), onion, fermented shrimp sauce, (shrimp, salt), lactic acid bacteria, ginger. Thanks to the red pepper powder, this Costco Kimichi packs some heat. The 42.3-ounce package will last 3-6 months in the fridge. 

    Costco Kimchi — $8.76 for 42.3 ounces 

    Costco Kimchi


    Mexican restaurants throughout America have Cholula hot sauce on their tables. Initially made for the famed Cuervo family, Food and Wine called it the most popular hot sauce in the country. sells Cholula Hot Sauce in two-packs for $11.99. It’s hit or miss at the warehouse; we haven’t seen it on every visit. Besides tacos, try this sauce on eggs, avocado toast, or even veggie burgers. 

    Costco Cholula — $11.99 for two 12-ounce bottles

    Crushed Red Pepper Flakes

    Kirkland Signature Crushed Red Pepper Flakes

    If you’ve ever had a stir-fry or pasta dish with just a hint of heat, crushed red pepper flakes are likely the ingredient bringing the heat. This spice is popular in Italian and Chinese cuisines, which is perfect for the cook looking to control the heat. We love a generous sprinkle of Costco crushed red pepper flakes on pizza slices.

    Kirkland Signature Crushed Red Pepper Flakes — $3.99 for 10 ounces

    Chili Tamarind Bites

    For a unique spicy snack, try these Chili Tamarind Bites from Costco. If you aren’t familiar, tamarind is a tree native to Asia and Africa that produces pods used for food. It’s popular in Indian, Asian, Middle Eastern, and African cuisines.  Tamarind has a sweet and sour taste, and coupled with the chili, it’s a perfectly balanced snack. 

    Chili Tamarind Bites — $9.99 for 24 ounces

    Flamin’ Hot Flavored Mix

    Flamin Hot Snacks

    One of the best spicy foods at Costco is the Frito Lay Flamin’ Hot Flavored Mix. Inside the box, you’ll find 54 snack bags. Whether you like Fritos, Cheetos, Doritos, or Funions, they’ve got you covered with spicy versions. These are great for bagged lunches; our kids loved Costco Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

    Frito Flamin Hot Variety Pack — $19.99 for 54 bags

    Costco Tabasco Sauce

    The McIlhenny Company first produced this vinegar-based hot sauce in Louisiana in 1868 and continues production there today. The glass bottles with a spout meant to slowly pour the product are everywhere, from restaurant tables to soldier rations. This Costco hot sauce is in and out of stock in the warehouse, but you can almost always purchase it online.

    Costco Tabasco Sauce — $6.49 for 12 ounces

    Costco Hot Sauce Sampler

    If you want Costco hot sauce, try the Global Gourmet Sampler for something more exotic. This wooden box contains 12 bottles of spicy sauces inspired by worldwide flavors from Thailand to Japan to Buffalo New York. Labeled from mild to very hot, there’s an option for every palate. 

    Costco Hot Sauce Sampler — $18.99 for 12 bottles

    Costco Hot Sauce Collection

    Frank’s Red Hot

    Frank’s Red Hot ranks low on the Scoville scale at 450 SU, but the small amount of heat comes from cayenne pepper. First bottled in 1920, Frank’s Red Hot is the primary ingredient in many Buffalo Wings recipes. While not included in the original Anchor Bar recipe, the two companies have since partnered. 

    Costco Frank’s Red Hot — $9.69 for two 25-ounce bottles 

    Savannah Bee Company Hot Honey

    While the warehouse is home to exceptional prices on manuka and other types of honey, another option is hot honey. The Savannah Bee Company’s version combines the floral taste of wildflower honey with habanero and scotch bonnet peppers. It’s excellent on fried chicken and pepperoni pizza.

    Costco Hot Honey — $9.99 for 24 ounces

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