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    Costco Salad Kits Greens Image

    There Are 11 Costco Salad Kits: Learn The Ones To Buy (And Skip)

    This post is updated whenever a new salad kit arrives in the warehouse. The last update was July 24, 2024

    Costco salad kits have become a beacon of freshness and simplicity for modern consumers seeking convenient and wholesome meal options. Salad kits have revolutionized how we approach quick and nutritious dining by offering a combination of vibrant greens, vegetables, crunch toppings, and tasty dressings in a simple package. 

    Read on as we review every Costco salad kit, exploring their diverse flavors, nutritional benefits, and the unparalleled convenience they bring to busy lives. Whether health-conscious or simply seeking a hassle-free way to enjoy delicious salads, join us as we uncover the best Costco salad kits to put on your dinner table.

    What Is A Salad Kit?

    For those unfamiliar, salad kits contain everything you need to make a salad: greens, toppings, and dressing. An excellent salad contains a balanced combination of tenderness and crunch, salty and sweet or tangy. These kits take the guesswork out of salad making.

    We have seen nine salad kits in the warehouse. Right now, there are eight sold, and we tried them all. Some were excellent, while others were not so much. Let’s dive in.

    What Salad Kits Does Costco Carry?

    Costco carries seven types of salad kits. Here are the specifics.

    1. Earthbound Organic Caesar Salad Kit — One 24-ounce bag 

    The Costco Caesar Salad kit contains romaine lettuce, Caesar dressing, croutons, shredded parmesan cheese, and herbs. Caesar salad is one of only two Costco salad kits with only one bag. 

    1. Superfood Selections Sweet Kale Salad Kit —Two 14-ounce bags 

    Inside the two bags, you will find broccoli slaw, cabbage, kale, chicory, shredded Brussels sprouts, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, and poppy seed dressing.

    1. Taylor Farms Green Goddess Chopped Salad — Two 12.75-ounce bags 

    The Green Goddess Chopped Salad Kit is the only Costco Salad Kit with a plant-based dressing. This salad includes romaine lettuce, green and red cabbage, shredded broccoli, vegan butter garlic crouton crumbles, crispy lentils, carrots, and dressing. 

    1. Taylor Farms Organic Mediterranean Crunch Chopped Salad Kit — One 23.92-ounce bag

    This bag contains romaine lettuce, chicory, broccoli, cauliflower, flatbread strips, red cabbage, feta cheese, carrots, and an organic basil balsamic vinaigrette.

    1. Taylor Farms Creamy Italian Salad — Two 11-ounce bags 

    Creamy Italian Salad includes cabbage, romaine, carrot, kale, carrot, crouton crumbles, parmesan, asiago, and romano cheese.

    1. Taylor Farms Apple Pecan Salad Kit — Two 11-ounce bags 

    This salad includes spinach, spring mix, feta cheese, spiced apple chips, and candied pecans with a white balsamic shallot vinaigrette. 

    1. Taylor Farms Creamy Dill Pickle Salad Kit — Two 12.42-ounce bags

    Creamy Dill Pickle Salad includes green cabbage, red cabbage, cauliflower, green leaf lettuce, kale, dill pickles, pickle seasoning, brioche croutons, and a creamy vinaigrette.

    8. Taylor Farms Asian Cashew Salad Kit — Two 12.7-ounce bags

    There are six vegetables (savoy cabbage, green cabbage, romaine lettuce, carrots, celery, and cilantro) in this chopped salad, and the toppings, wonton strips, sesame seeds, almonds, and cashews, provide some crunch. It’s topped with a dairy-free Asian Sesame Dressing.

    9. Taylor Farms Mexican Street Corn Chopped Salad Kit — Two 11.62-ounce bags

    Mexican Street Corn Salad has green leaf lettuce, broccoli stalk, red and savoy cabbage, carrots, smoked paprika cornbread crumbles, crispy corn, and parmesan cheese all topped with a creamy elote dressing.

    10. Taylor Farms Thai Chili Mango — Two 12.25-ounce bags

    Thai Chili Mango has crumbled cauliflower, shredded broccoli stalk, radicchio, green cabbage, kale, Brussels sprouts, sunflower seeds, dried mango, and crispy quinoa with a zesty Thai sweet chili vinaigrette.

    11. Taylor Farms Organic Ultimate Everything — Two 12.63-ounce bags

    Organic Ultimate Everything Salad Kit contains Romaine Lettuce, Broccoli Shred, Green & Red Cabbage, Seasoned Bagel Chips, Carrot, Sharp White Cheddar, and Everything Bagel Seasoning.

    12. Taylor Farms Chipotle Ranch — Two 11.75 ounce bags

    Chipotle Ranch Salad contains Romaine Lettuce, taco-seasoned colby-jack cheddar and manchego cheese blend, white tortilla chips, red cabbage, carrots, and crisp corn with a chipotle ranch dressing.

    Best Costco Salad Kits

    Choosing a favorite was an easy decision. The best Costco salad kits are Apple Pecan and Caesar Salad. Both have flavors that are crowd-pleasers and manage to remain moist despite being bagged. A third runner-up is the Thai Chili Mango Chopped Kit for being unique and flavoful. 

    These salads didn’t last long in our house because we gobbled up them in one meal. But if you have leftovers, store the toppings separately. 

    Costco Salad Kits Review

    A good salad contains three things: greens that aren’t soggy or dry, a balanced dressing, and toppings that add crunch and flavor. Using that criteria, Costco salad kits had some hits and misses. Here’s our honest review. 

    Costco Mediterranean Salad Kit Review

    Costco Mediterranean Chopped Salad Kit

    We are huge proponents of the Mediterranean Diet and often make recipes that fit the bill. This salad is similar to one that I would make; that being said, I’m not sure I would purchase this again.

    Despite consisting of romaine chicory, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and carrots, you don’t taste all of the ingredients. The lettuce overpowers the other ingredients. It’s more like a green salad than a Mediterranean one.

    We like the tangy basil balsamic vinaigrette; it coats the greens well. But that’s really where most of the flavor comes from. We wound up using it to fill wraps for lunch. 

    Creamy Italian Salad Kit

    We went to review this kit, but it was gone from the warehouse before we could try it. When and if it reappears, we will buy it and review it.

    Costco Creamy Italian Salad Kit

    Costco Apple Pecan Salad Kit Review

    Costco Apple Pecan Salad Kit

    The Apple Pecan kit is hands down our favorite Costco Salad Kit. The greens were fresh, and the components added complexity. 

    Consisting of dried apples, pecans, feta cheese, and a shallot vinaigrette, the Apple Pecan Salad Kit easily rivals one we make at home. The light greens, the sweetness from the apple, the saltiness from the cheese, and the tanginess from the dressing are the perfect combination. Our little gripe is that the feta lacks a little bit of saltiness. But again, this is so minor. 

    This salad is the perfect addition to a fall menu with some Costco pork and sweet potato fries

    The Apple Pecan Salad Kit contains two 12-ounce bags. This salad lasts in the fridge unopened for about a week and a half to two weeks. Once opened and dressed, it’s good for about three days.

    Costco Caesar Salad Kit Review

    We liked this Caesar Salad Kit from Costco. Unlike the other salads at the warehouse, this is only one package, but it’s enough to feed about 6-8 hungry adults as a side salad. 

    The kit includes croutons, shredded parmesan, romaine lettuce, and Caesar dressing. The lettuce is the perfect size and moisture level, and the parmesan isn’t too dry despite being packaged. The dressing has a solid flavor that’s great for a crowd.

    If you have leftovers, keep the croutons separate, or they will get soggy; we love to serve them on the side. To make it a complete meal, add some rotisserie chicken

    Costco Caesar Salad Kit

    Costco Green Goddess Salad Kit Review

    Green Goddess Chopped Salad Kit From Costco Image

    The only labeled plant-based option in the bunch, we wanted to like this salad, but it fell flat for us. We would NOT repurchase the Costco Green Goddess Salad Kit. 

    This Costco salad kit includes romaine lettuce, cabbage, shredded broccoli, carrots, crouton crumbles, and crispy lentils. The greens were dehydrated and lacked flavor, and the Green Goddess dressing had an odd aftertaste. 

    One thing we loved about this salad was the crispy lentils. We’ve never had them before, and they added an excellent crunch. But there’s no need to buy the salad just for the lentils when they are easy to make. Check out The Pesky Vegan’s recipe; it produces delicious results. 

    Costco Kale Salad Kit Review

    Costco Kale Salad Kit is like a salad we would make at home, so we had high hopes. Unfortunately, it was very dry. We would not rebuy this one.

    Despite containing broccoli, cabbage, kale, chicory, and Brussels sprouts, there wasn’t much flavor from the greens. The dried cranberries added some extra zing, but the rest fell flat. There’s not much more to say besides it was just…blah.

    Costco Salad Kit - Sweet Kale

    Dill Pickle Salad Kit Costco Review

    Dill Pickle Salad Kit from Costco

    So this is the last one we tried because I couldn’t wrap my brain around pickles in a salad. It wasn’t at all what I expected. If you like lots of flavor, this is worth a try.

    Thanks to the cabbage and cauliflower, it reminds me more of a cole slaw than a garden salad. There wasn’t much kale, and you could barely taste the feta cheese. Another gripe is that there simply isn’t enough dressing. It’s pretty good, and you want more since the salad is a bit dry.

    On the plus side, the pickle seasoning adds lots of flavor and is unique. I served it as a main course salad with grilled chicken, but it would be much better as a side salad.

    Dill Pickle Salad with burnt ends or Costco pulled pork would be a delicious meal.

    Asian Cashew Salad Kit Costco Review

    We’ve made several Asian-style salads similar to this and always found the flavor monotonous after a few bites. That’s not the case with Taylor Farms Asian Cashew Chopped Salad Kit. It’s great.

    Even though it contains some low-moisture vegetables like savoy cabbage and regular cabbage, it’s not at all dry. The combination of the cabbages, romaine lettuce, carrots, and celery is excellent, and the toppings (wonton strips, cashews, almonds, and sesame seeds) add textural interest. The Asian Sesame dressing is dairy-free and provides some great tanginess.

    This salad is great the day after opening and assembling, but the wontons get a little soggy. It’s a minor complaint, but if that’s a concern, add the toppings as you eat.

    Mexican Street Corn Salad Kit Costco Review

    This was a new flavor for us, and we loved it! It has the perfect amount of flavor and crunch. This is one of our favorite Costco Salad kits. It’s delicious!

    While it says it contains cornbread crumbles, you can’t taste them. The flavor of corn comes through, and the included elote dressing has the perfect amount of heat.

    We could easily envision making this salad into a full meal by adding shrimp or chicken.

    Taylor Farms Thai Chili Mango Salad Kit Review

    If you like a salad with a little kick, the Taylor Farms Thai Chili Mango Salad Kit is for you! Sometimes, salads with unique flavors become monotonous to eat. Not this Costco salad kit!

    Filled with cabbage, radicchio, broccoli, and other greens, plus toppings for crunch and mango for sweetness, you get a different taste and texture in every bite.

    This salad benefitted from some time to allow the flavors to meld. If you are packing this for a work lunch, that’s perfect, but if you are eating at home, allow it to sit for a little time — the greens soften a bit, and it tastes better.

    We also added chickpeas to beef it up; it needed some heft.

    This has quickly become one of our favorite Costco Salad Kits.

    Taylor Farms Ultimate Everything Chopped Salad Kit Review

    Taylor Farms Organic Ultimate Everything Chopped Kit is a definite crowd-pleaser, but it truly shines with some added chopped rotisserie chicken. This vibrant salad kit is packed with an assortment of crisp vegetables, including broccoli, carrots, and cabbage, all finely chopped to perfection. The mix is further enhanced with the crunchy everything bagel seasoning and crispy bagel chips, providing a delightful textural contrast that keeps every bite interesting.

    One of the standout features of this kit is its creamy dressing that ties everything together, creating a harmonious blend of flavors that feels both indulgent and wholesome.

    However, we wish there were a little more cheese in the mix. The occasional sprinkling of shredded cheddar is delicious, but it leaves us craving a bit more to balance the robust flavors of the veggies and seasoning. But that’s just nit-picking—overall, this salad kit is a fantastic addition to any meal, whether a quick lunch or a side dish for dinner.

    Adding some chopped rotisserie chicken takes this salad to the next level for an extra protein boost and a heartier meal. The tender, juicy chicken melds seamlessly with the fresh ingredients, making it a satisfying option for those busy weeknights when you want something quick, nutritious, and incredibly tasty. So, if you’re looking to elevate your salad game, Taylor Farms Organic Ultimate Everything Chopped Kit is the way to go.

    Taylor Farms Chipotle Ranch Chopped Kit

    We loved this Costco salad kit! It’s crunchy and fresh-tasting, and with its familiar ingredients, even people who don’t love salads will enjoy it.

    While some kits feel like there isn’t enough dressing, this isn’t an issue for the Chipotle Ranch Salad. It’s perfectly coated in a smoky (not spicy) dressing.

    The tortilla chips gave a good amount of crunch, and all of the ingredients were well-balanced. The two bags were gone in a flash.

    How Long Do Salad Kits Last In The Fridge?

    Each salad kit’s package is dated approximately one to two weeks after purchase. If left unopened, most kits remained fresh for a few days. Opened salad kits are best within a day or two.

    You want to avoid moisture and air to keep salad kits fresh longer. 

    Here’s how to keep Costco Salad Kits fresh:

    1. Add a folded paper towel to open packages to absorb extra water.
    2. Keep components separate to store.
    3. Use air-tight containers for storage and overfill—more greens in a container equals less air. 

    Costco Salad Kits Price

    Earthbound Organic Caesar Salad Kit One 24-ounce bag — $8.99 

    Superfood Selections Sweet Kale Salad Kit Two 14-ounce bags — $6.99

    Taylor Farms Chipotle Ranch Chopped Salad Kit Two 11.75-ounce bags — $7.99

    *Taylor Farms Green Goddess Chopped Salad Two 12.75 ounce bags — $7.99

    Taylor Farms Organic Mediterranean Crunch Chopped Salad Kit One 23.92 ounce bag — $8.49

    *Taylor Farms Creamy Italian Salad Two 11-ounce bags — $6.99

    *Taylor Farms Apple Pecan Salad Kit Two 11-ounce bags — $8.99

    *Taylor Farms Creamy Dill Pickle Salad Kit Two 12.42 ounce bags — $5.99 

    *Taylor Farms Asian Cashew Chopped Salad Kit Two 12.7 ounce bags — $6.99

    *Taylor Farms Mexican Street Corn Chopped Salad Kit Two 11.62 ounce bags — $7.99

    *Taylor Farms Thai Chili Mango Chopped Salad Kit Two 12.25-ounce bags — $7.99

    *Taylor Farms Ultimate Everything Chopped Kit Two 12.63-ounce bags — $7.99

    *Not available in the warehouse as of May 2024

    Are Costco Salad Kits Healthy?

    Costco salad kits are a convenient way to eat more vegetables. The toppings are where added sugar and saturated fats add up.

    Dried cranberries in the sweet kale salad are high in sugar. There aren’t many in the salad, but if you are concerned about sugar intake, you may want to omit them. Also, croutons are primarily baked in butter, which imparts an excellent flavor but increases fat and calories. 

    If you are concerned about sugar or fat intake, check the toppings and omit them if needed.

    How Many People Does The Costco Salad Kit Feed?

    The serving size for a dinner salad is one cup, but it’s not a simple measurement. Leafy greens leave a lot of space when measured. To get a proper amount, use two cups of salad. If you prefer not to measure, eyeball two baseball-sized portions per plate.

    Based on the package sizes and a one-cup serving size, here are estimates of how many people Costco salad kits will feed. 

    SaladSize# of Main Course Servings # of Side Salad Servings
    Earthbound Organic Caesar Salad Kit24 ounces38
    Superfood Selections Sweet Kale Salad Kit (2) 14-ounce bags3.59
    Taylor Farms Green Goddess Chopped SaladTwo 12.75-ounce bags38.5
    Taylor Farms Creamy Italian SaladTwo 11-ounce bags2.757
    Taylor Farms Apple Pecan Salad KitTwo 11-ounce bags2.757
    Taylor Farms Creamy Dill Pickle Salad KitTwo 12.42-ounce bags38
    Taylor Farms Mexican Street Corn Salad KitTwo 11.62 ounce bags37
    Taylor Farms Thai Chili Mango Chopped KitTwo 12.25-ounce bags38
    Taylor Farms Ultimate Everything Chopped KitTwo 12.63-ounce bags38
    Taylor Farms Chipotle Ranch Salad KitTwo 11.75-ounce bags37

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