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    Costco Seaweed Salad: Everything You Need To Know Plus 6 Easy Ways To Use It

    Costco Seaweed Salad is a convenient and flavorful option for those seeking a quick and savory salad fix.

    While wandering the dip aisle recently, I discovered something new —Costco Seaweed Salad. I hesitated to purchase because, as many of you think, it was hard to know if it was good when buying something in large quantities. But the lovely couple near me insisted it was great, and since there are so many excellent products there, I popped it into the cart.

    After I brought it home, I realized I only had one idea, Poke bowls, to make with it. That got me thinking all about other uses for this Japanese side dish. I needed to know more about seaweed salad overall.

    Is it healthy? What about this Califonia warning on the container? How do you use it? Here’s everything you need to know about Costco seaweed salad.

    Image of Costco Seaweed Salad Azuma Brand in package and in a bowl

    Does Costco Carry Seaweed Salad?

    Within the warehouse’s walls are several different salads and sides, and yes, the retailer carries Azuma Gourmet Seaweed Salad. You will find it near the packaged fish in the refrigerated section. It’s item number 549137.

    A 1.75 lbs (28 oz.) container costs $11.49 in 2024.

    Costco Seaweed Salad Ingredients

    Azuma Gourmet Seaweed Salad contains the following ingredients: seaweed (farmed, Korea), sugar, agar-agar, kikurage mushroom, vinegar, sesame oil, sesame seeds, sea salt, chili pepper, xanthan gum, disodium 5’ – guanylate, FD&C yellow #5, FD&C blue #1, potassium sorbate to preserve freshness.

    This product is gluten-free, cholesterol-free, does not contain trans fat, is vegetarian, and Kosher.

    Seaweed Salad Costco Nutrition – Is Costco Seaweed Salad Healthy?

    Picture of the Costco Seaweed Salad nutrition label

    Everyone has different health goals, but Azuma Seaweed Salad contains lots of vitamins and minerals and is an excellent source of fiber. 

    One ½ cup serving has 110 calories, 6 grams of fiber, 6% daily value of Iron, and 10% potassium. It also has 600mg of sodium and 6 grams of added sugar.

    Seaweed salad is low in calories while high in fiber which helps you feel fuller longer and may be suitable for weight loss. WebMD breaks down more of the specifics. 

    Does Costco Seaweed Salad Have Iodine?

    According to recent research, fish, crustaceans, seaweed, and sea vegetables are the richest sources of Iodine. Since the main ingredient in this Japanese side dish is seaweed, it is safe to say it contains iodine. Seaweed is one of the few foods that naturally contain this mineral. 

    Iodine is necessary for the body to make thyroid hormones which assist with creating proteins and enzyme activity, as well as regulating normal metabolism.

    Can You Eat Seaweed Salad Every Day? 

    You can have too much of a good thing, and seaweed salad is proof of that. The main ingredient, seaweed, contains high levels of iodine, which, at high doses, can be harmful. Some experts suggest you consume it no more than three times a week. 

    But variety is the spice of life, and Costco has other excellent healthy products like acai bowls and edamame that are easy to prepare and provide excellent health benefits. 

    Azuma Seaweed Salad Cancer Warning

    On the side of the square Costco seaweed salad container is a warning regarding “cancer and reproductive harm.” This notice relates to California’s Prop 65, which “requires businesses to provide warnings to Californians about significant exposures to chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.” 

    This image can be confusing when you first read it, especially since there aren’t many details. The warning is on all seaweed products since the California Environmental Office of Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) alleges they contain arsenic, cadmium, and lead levels. I have not found any information on the amount of these elements seaweed contains.

    The version of this salad Costco sells contains farmed seaweed from Korea. A study published in Food Chemistry in 2016 stated, “Edible seaweeds in Korea are safe and would not pose any threat to consumers.”

    How to Store Costco Seaweed Salad

    Costco seaweed salad must be refrigerated. When chilled, it has a 30-day shelf-life. It’s best to use it 5-7 days after opening. The manufacturer prints a use-by date. 

    Can You Freeze Costco Seaweed Salad?

    Yes, Azuma Gourmet states that you can freeze its seaweed salad. When left in its original container, it’s good for two years. Once in the fridge, it’s okay for one month if sealed.  

    When you are ready to eat, defrost in the refrigerator, not on the counter. A slow thaw is always a great idea, but it’s crucial here since the product is in a plastic container. Drastic temperature changes can lead to brittle plastic. 

    An Honest Costco Seaweed Salad Review

    A picture of costco seaweed salad in a bowl with chopsticks

    If you’re looking for a refreshing and hassle-free salad option, look no further than Costco Seaweed Salad. Conveniently available in the refrigerated section of the warehouse, this salad offers a quick fix for your cravings without any preparation.


    No Prep: One of the biggest advantages of this salad is its no-prep nature. Simply grab it from the fridge and you’re good to go. It’s the perfect side for those busy days or lazy evenings when cooking feels like a chore.

    Full of Flavor: Despite its simplicity, the Seaweed Salad doesn’t compromise on taste. Packed with a blend of savory and slightly spicy flavors (thanks to a slight kick from the chili flakes), it offers a delightful eating experience.

    Readily Available: Unlike some specialty dishes that are hard to find, this salad is readily available in many places. 


    Not as Fresh as Fish Market Variants: While the Seaweed Salad is convenient, you may want more freshness from the specialty fish market variety. The pre-packaged nature of the salad can sometimes result in a slightly less vibrant taste than freshly made alternatives. 

    Distinct Flavor Challenges Pairing: This salad’s distinct flavor can be a double-edged sword. While it’s a treat for those who enjoy its unique taste, it may pose a challenge when pairing it with other foods. Some might find it difficult to complement certain dishes.

    Costco Seaweed Salad is a convenient and flavorful option for those seeking a quick and savory salad fix. Its no-prep nature and availability make it a go-to choice for busy individuals or sushi lovers craving an extra side dish. However, its slightly less fresh taste than market variants and distinct flavor profile might not appeal to everyone

    How to Use Costco Seaweed Salad – Recipes

    Here are some great ways to use Costco seaweed salad.

    Image of a tuna poke bowl featuring seaweed salad
    1. Poke Bowls — Most seafood shops can provide sushi-grade tuna or salmon if you ask. From there, the toppings are endless: cucumber, mango, white onion, cilantro, pickled ginger, and green onions. We love to use frozen rice from Trader Joe’s. It has a great consistency, and it’s ready in three minutes! 
    2. Beef Bibimbap — This Korean dinner is healthy, easily customizable, and simple to prepare. Seaweed salad adds a wonderful flavor and texture to the dish.
    3. As an appetizer — Let’s be honest; this product is excellent. It doesn’t need too much fuss. Serve Costco Seaweed salad as a starter to a Japanese meal. 
    4. Tofu — Pan-fried tofu, rice, and seaweed salad are a perfect vegan pairing. A Couple Cooks has a great tutorial on how to pan-fry tofu.
    5. Side Dish — Seaweed salad would be a great side dish to this Teriyaki salmon recipe from Natasha’s Kitchen. 
    6. Lunch — Since seaweed salad should be eaten cold or at room temperature, it’s a great addition to a lunch box. Pair with a hard-boiled egg or chopped tofu for added protein. 

    Do You Eat Seaweed Salad Warm Or Cold?

    Enjoy your seaweed salad cold or at room temperature. It’s a great addition to a bento box.

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