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    Costco Thanksgiving Sides for 2023

    The Ultimate Sidekick: 10 Costco Thanksgiving Side Dishes That Steal The Show In 2023

    When crafting a memorable Thanksgiving feast that’s convenient and delectable, look no further than Costco Thanksgiving Sides. As the season of gratitude and gatherings approaches, many turn to Costco for a helping hand in assembling a culinary masterpiece. 

    This retail giant has become synonymous with simplifying the Thanksgiving dinner preparation, besides offering excellent prices on the centerpiece turkey and also an impressive array of side dishes that not only save you precious time but also deliver on taste and quality. Join us on a flavorful journey through Costco Thanksgiving Sides as we explore the mouthwatering options that will elevate your holiday meal to a whole new level of deliciousness.

    Costco Thanksgiving Side Dishes

    Costco Mashed Potatoes

    Costco Mashed Potatoes

    Main Street Potatoes, available at Costco, are an excellent choice for a Thanksgiving side dish. These convenient potatoes are perfect for busy holiday preparations, requiring just 7 minutes to cook with zero prep time. While they may not entirely replicate the rich, homemade flavor of traditional mashed potatoes, they are undeniably tasty, making them a satisfying and time-saving option for your Thanksgiving meal.

    To ensure even cooking, a quick stir at the halfway point is all that’s needed. Each container contains approximately 7.5 cups of potatoes, making it an ideal choice to serve a gathering of around seven people. So, if you’re looking for a hassle-free Costco Thanksgiving side that complements your Thanksgiving feast, Main Street Potatoes offers convenience without sacrificing flavor.

    Panera Autumn Squash Soup

    Enhance your Thanksgiving dinner with Panera’s Autumn Squash Soup, a delicious option that perfectly embodies the season’s essence. Costco offers it in two 24-ounce containers, and when you serve it in 3/4-cup portions, you have enough to delight eight people. What makes this soup genuinely convenient is that it’s ready to heat and enjoy, sparing you the need to occupy valuable oven or stovetop space during the holiday rush.

    $8.49 for 3 lbs. (SALE PRICE UNTIL 11/26/23)

    Costco Squash Soup
    Costco Mashed Potates Mix

    Costco Idahoan Instant Mashed Potatoes

    If you don’t wish to peel potatoes and wait for them to boil, use a shortcut with Costco Idahoan Instant Mashed Potatoes. All that’s needed is to add boiling water and boom! Mashed potatoes on the table. Each three-pound box contains 12 pouches, enough to feed 48 people. The benefit these have over the Main Street Mashed Potatoes is the ability to add more liquid to create a creamier dish. 

    Costco Sweet Potatoes

    Main Street Bistro Mashed Sweet Potato Bake, available at Costco, is a fantastic addition to your Thanksgiving feast. This side dish combines the rich and natural sweetness of sweet potatoes with a delectable blend of spices and toppings, resulting in a dish that’s sure to please your guests. The convenience of this product is unbeatable, as it comes ready to heat and serve, saving you valuable time in the kitchen. This two-and-a-half-pound package serves about ten people.

    Costco Sweet Potatoes
    Costco Sweet Potato Fries

    Costco Sweet Potato Fries

    If you want a twist on the traditional Thanksgiving side dish, try the crowd-pleasing sweet potato fries from Costco. Place them on a sheet pan and cook for about 20 minutes. You could sprinkle them with goat cheese and some dried cranberries for a festive take on this simple side.

    Costco Stuffing

    Pepperidge Farm Stuffing, available at Costco, is a Thanksgiving staple that remains a cherished choice for many families. This classic stuffing mix not only offers a delectable taste but also the convenience of serving a large gathering, with one box generously feeding up to 18 people.

    For those who have relied on Pepperidge Farm for generations, this stuffing represents a time-tested tradition that’s hard to beat. Notably, it’s also the version recommended by Food and Wine magazine, attesting to its culinary excellence and popularity among food enthusiasts. With its rich flavor and proven track record, Pepperidge Farm Stuffing is a reliable and delicious addition to any Thanksgiving feast, making it an ideal side dish to enjoy with loved ones during the holiday season.

    Costco Stuffing
    Costco Crescent Rolls

    Costco Crescent Rolls

    Pillsbury Crescent Rolls have been a staple on Thanksgiving tables for years. While prices rise due to overall inflation and dairy prices, Costco has them for a steal. They are a quick, easy, crowd-pleasing Costco Thanksgiving Side worthy of a spot on your table.

    Costco Cornbread

    If crescent rolls aren’t your thing, but you still want some bread, try Dave’s Famous Cornbread. This mix recreates the popular side dish from the chain of BBQ restaurants of the same name. Boxes contain four pouches, each yields 12 muffins. We like this but feel free to add a few tablespoons of honey to add sweetness, diced jalapenos for heat, or bacon for saltiness. 

    Costco Cornbread
    Caesar Salad

    Caesar Salad Kit

    Greens can be fussy, but using a salad kit takes the guesswork out of the mix; you have enough to think about! We’ve reviewed every salad kit in the warehouse, and the Mediterranean Salad or Caesar would make a great Thanksgiving side from Costco. Everything you need is in the bag, including toppings and dressing. 

    Costco Gravy

    After you’ve made the turkey, you are tired. You don’t want to stand by the stove stirring much longer. One excellent shortcut is pre-made gravy, but not just any brand will do since most are gooey and flavorless. Enter Kevin’s Natural Gravy. This product is the perfect heat-and-eat Thanksgiving Side Dish. Each package contains two 24-ounce pouches, enough to serve 16 guests. 

    Costco Gravy

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