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    Crunching the Numbers: Decoding Costco Price Codes

    When we shop at Costco, we look at the product prices to see if it’s a good deal or fits your budget. There is other important information on the price sheets hanging in the aisles. 

    It’s time to learn the ultimate hack – Costco price codes. Let’s dive into what they mean and how you can benefit. Read on and make your next Costco haul epic.

    Costco Price Tags

    You may not realize Costco Price Tag Codes, but each Costco product sign hides vital information in plain sight. Let’s break it down. 

    1. The product number is essential to reference the item or do a quick online order. You can use this number when you call the warehouse to confirm it’s in stock before heading out.
    2. The asterisk in the upper right corner is a significant part of Costco Price Codes, the Costco Death Star. If you see this, stock up, as the item will likely not be in the warehouse much longer.
    3. The date on the bottom right indicates the last price change. 
    Image of components of a Costco Price Tag

    What Does The Death Star At Costco Mean?

    The Costco Death Star has nothing to do with Star Wars; it’s an asterisk in the upper right corner of the price card. Any item with this notation is likely to leave the warehouse soon. 

    Why is Costco getting rid of some favorites?

    Unlike traditional grocery stores, Costco has limited shelf space. If a product isn’t selling, the company must make room for a new one.

    Sometimes the supplier is the cause. If they raise the price of a product so much that it’s no longer a reasonable price, Costco will stop selling it. 

    The company has even stopped selling items if it can’t guarantee the lowest price. If Sam’s Club or other warehouse stores are offering a product for less, Costco won’t carry it. 

    Costco Price Codes

    An infographic showing the Costco Price Codes

    Costco Price Code .97

    Another deal to take advantage of is those with .97 prices. Items ending with this price are on clearance. The store may not restock these, and there is limited inventory. If you are interested, buy it. The item won’t be around much longer. 

    Costco Price Ending In .00 and .88

    It’s never been confirmed, but many believe Costco prices ending in .00  or .88 mean a Manager’s Special. These are special prices limited to that warehouse. 

    The low price may be due to a return or a floor model. While it’s been deemed sellable, reviewing a product thoroughly before buying is best. 

    The company never reveals its past pricing, so check online or at other warehouses to see what it’s selling for there. 

    Costco Price Codes 99

    There’s nothing special in the Costco price codes for .99. This is a standard Costco price. Even though it’s not a sale item, you are likely still getting a good deal.

    The retail giant has enormous buying power and can negotiate great consumer prices. Costco keeps their markups down to 11-14%, meaning the savings are passed on to you. Competitors like Walmart charge customers 20%+ above their cost for most products.

    Costco Green Price Tag Meaning

    We have seen green price tags a few times but never in our local warehouse. The bold hue indicates it’s an organic item. Unlike other grocery stores with organic sections, the warehouse mixes organic products with non-organic options.

    You may see more and more of these green tags and organic products in warehouses. According to the Seattle Times, the company has surpassed Whole Foods as the largest organic grocer. The company exceeded $4 billion in organic sales in 2015.

    Costco .79 Meaning

    Prices ending in .79, .69, and .49 are the manufacturer’s prices. It doesn’t mean that it’s on sale. 

    Since Costco has the enormous buying power, manufacturers sometimes give special prices beyond the typically low cost.

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    Costco Pricing

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