An Honest Review Of Costco Edamame Plus 5 Unique Recipes To Use It Up

A vegetable that’s high in protein seems like a unicorn. But it does exist! Enter Costco edamame. Once missing from shelves, it’s back! But is it any good? How do you eat it and cook it?

Costco Edamame

So many questions remain. 

Let’s learn all about Costco edamame.

Does Costco Sell Edamame

Does Costco Sell Edamame?

Yes! Costco sells shelled edamame. Members can find edamame in the frozen vegetable section. The brand is Imperial Garden Organic Edamame, 6 lbs. 

Each package contains ten steamable bags. They are great as an appetizer or unshelled as a salad addition.

There were some rumors that edamame was getting the death star, but it’s in the warehouse and via same-day online

Concerns of discontinuation were likely rooted in temporary product shortages and overall price increases stemming from a drop in soybean imports. “U.S. imports of organic soybeans from September 2020 through August 2021 fell by 18%,” according to Reuters.  

How Do You Make Costco Edamame?

It would be best if you cooked it before you eat it. You can eat undercooked edamame, but it’s pretty tough. Here’s how to get it just right. 

How Do You Cook Costco Edmame In The Air Fryer?

Remove the pods from the bag. Coat the edamame with olive oil and sprinkle with salt—Cook at 390 degrees for 7 minutes. If you want them crispier, add an extra 5 minutes. 

How To Cook Costco Edamame In The Microwave

Place the bag in the microwave and heat for two minutes and thirty seconds. There’s no need to puncture the bag. 

How Do You Steam Costco Edamame?

Bring one cup of water to a boil in a medium pot with a lid. Remove the edamame from the bag, place it in the water, and cover it for three minutes. Drain and enjoy!

Regardless of the cooking method, there’s no need to defrost the edamame. 

How Do You Know When Edamame Is Cooked

It’s challenging to know edamame is fully cooked just by looks. Instead, squeeze a pod between your fingers. If a bean slides out, it’s ready to eat. If it doesn’t come out, it needs a few more minutes. 

Is Costco Edamame Good? An Honest Review

Costco Edamame Review

These little bean pods are great! They taste delicious and are easy to cook. The pods aren’t rubbery, and the beans have a great texture. 

Almost all of the beans are a good size, and the cooking instructions are accurate. These fit the bill if you want a delicious and healthy snack.

You will likely need two packages if you use them in a salad since they are snack-size portions. It can be a pain to take the beans from the pod, so if you plan on using lots of them in a recipe, it’s best to buy the unshelled version from the grocery store. 

They were a little damp from the steam and would benefit from a minute or two of drying time on a clean kitchen towel.

Overall, we highly recommend the Imperial Edamame from Costco.

How To Use It — Recipes Using Costco Edamame

Costco Edamame Recipes

This succotash recipe has a great flavor and texture. It also pairs well with various proteins, fish, chicken, steak, or shrimp. 

White beans and edamame might seem unlikely, but the textures are perfect together in this salad. I didn’t get ¼ cup of bacon grease, but it was still fine; add a little olive oil if needed. If you haven’t already, try Costco’s thick-cut bacon, it’s excellent!

These sesame noodle bowls are so easy! I like to use ramen noodles without the flavor packet for the pasta. They cook in minutes, and kids love them. You could cook and shell edamame the day before.

Edamame makes a great appetizer when sprinkled with a bit of sea salt. But if you want to kick up the flavor, try a sprinkle of everything bagel seasoning or a teaspoon of rice wine vinegar.

Is Costco Edamame Good For You? 

One 8-ounce bag of Costco edamame has 140 calories, 5g fat, and 4g fiber. 

Many tout the health benefits of soy, while some people have concerns. It’s essential to do some research to determine what’s best for your diet. 

“There are many factors that make it difficult to construct blanket statements about the health effects of soy,” according to the Harvard School of Public Health.

How Do You Eat Shelled Edamame?

You do not eat the outside shell of edamame. It’s too tough. Instead, you want to squeeze the beans out of the pod. Hold it in the center and squeeze. 

How Long Does Costco Edamame Last in Freezer?

Costco edamame should last for about 8-12 months when properly frozen. Keep the temperature at or as close to zero degrees as possible. 

After that time, it’s still ok to eat the vegetables, but the product’s taste or texture may have degraded. Inspect the edamame before eating. If there’s any freezer burn, just cut those sections and eat the rest. “Freezer burn does not make food unsafe,” per the  USDA.

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