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    5 Kinders Seasonings at Costco

    Kinder’s Seasoning At Costco: An Honest Review Of The 5 Available To Elevate Your Flavor Game

    In culinary exploration, finding that perfect seasoning blend to elevate your dishes is a pursuit cherished by both home cooks and professional chefs alike. Enter Kinder’s Seasoning at Costco, a renowned name synonymous with exceptional flavor enhancement. 

    Now, imagine the convenience of discovering this culinary gem at your local Costco store. The partnership between Kinders and Costco brings a new dimension to your kitchen adventures, offering an array of tantalizing flavors that promise to transform your cooking experience. In this article, we delve into the exciting journey of Kinders Seasonings at Costco, uncovering which products the warehouse carries, how to use them, plus an honest review.

    What Are Kinders Seasonings?

    These Seasonings are named after the Kinder family patriarch, John Kinder. The WWII veteran owned and operated a successful butcher shop in San Pablo, California, for seven decades. At 90 years old, he was still assisting customers.

    The shop relocated and then expanded and opened a second Northern California location. 

    The Kinder family sold the brand, and the current owners launched a BBQ sauce and several sauces, marinades, and seasonings. Several products have won awards. 

    Kinder seasonings are blends of various spices aimed at enhancing meats. 

    Is There Kinder’s Seasoning At Costco?

    Yes, Costco sells five types of Kinders Seasoning: Buttery Steakhouse, The Blend, Lemon Pepper, Carmelized Onion Butter, and Woodfired Garlic. Containers are based on weight and range from 10.4 ounces in the Buttery Steakhouse to a little over 12 ounces for The Blend. 

    The seasonings are in the pantry section of the warehouse near the spices. 

    Kinder’s seasonings are significantly cheaper at Costco. Amazon and other retailers sell smaller products for almost double the warehouse price. 

    Kinders Seasoning at Costco Prices 2023

    SeasoningSizeCostco Price
    Lemon Pepper11.8oz$6.99
    Organic Buttery Steakhouse10.4oz$6.99
    Woodfired Garlic11.5oz$6.89
    Carmelized Onion Butter12oz$7.99
    The Blend12.5oz$5.99

    What Are The Ingredients In Kinder’s Seasoning at Costco

    Kinder’s Lemon Pepper Ingredients — Cane Sugar, Salt. Black Peppery Dehydrated Garlic, Dehydrated Onion”, Citric Acid, Rice Concentrate, Lemon Peel, Turmeric, Lemon Oil*. *Organic

    Kinder’s Organic Buttery Steakhouse Seasoning Ingredients — Salt, Dehydrated Onion, Dehydrated Garlic, Butter Flavors, Spices, Red Bell Pepper, Parsley, Yeast Extract, Turmeric, Sunflower Oil. Contains Milk.

    Kinder’s Woodfired Garlic Ingredients  — Salt, Dehydrated Garlic, Dehydrated Onion, Spices, Chili Pepper, Paprika, Rice Concentrate, Natural Flavor, Sunflower Oil

    Kinder’s Carmelized Onion Butter Ingredients — Sea Salt, Dehydrated Onion. Cane Sugar, Dextrose, Maltodextrin, Toasted Onion, Rice Concentrate, Yeast Extract, Parsley: Citric Acid, Sunflower Oil, Turmeric, Natural Flavor, Natural Butter Flavor’ (Butter, Buttermilk Powder), Salt, Natural Flavor. Organic Contains. Milk

    Kinder’s The Blend Ingredients — Sea Salt, Dehydrated Garlic, Black Pepper, Sunflower Oil

    Is There MSG In Kinder’s Seasoning at Costco?

    No, there isn’t MSG in Kinder’s Seasoning. We haven’t seen it on any ingredient list, and the company asserts that they don’t use the flavor enhancer in any products. 

    There may be some confusion stemming from one ingredient, natural flavors. This ingredient is defined as “the essential oil, oleoresin, essence or extractive, protein hydrolysate, distillate, or any product of roasting, heating or enzymolysis, which contains the flavoring constituents derived from a spice, fruit or fruit juice, vegetable or vegetable juice, edible yeast, herb, bark, bud, root, leaf or similar plant material, meat, seafood, poultry, eggs, dairy products, or fermentation products thereof, whose significant function in food is flavoring rather than nutritional.”

    Natural flavors do NOT include MSG; if a manufacturer adds that flavoring, it must indicate that on the product. 

    What Is Kinders Seasoning Good On — Kinder’s Seasoning At Costco Recipes

    We love these seasonings’ versatility; they are great on various meat, seafood, and vegetables. A quick sprinkle takes a simple dish to the next level. Here’s how to use Kinder’s Seasonings.

    How To Use Kinder’s Lemon Pepper Seasoning

    Kinders Lemon Pepper Seasoning
    1. Shrimp – Place shrimp in a bowl and toss with some olive oil and a few shakes of seasoning for a delicious dinner that cooks in a snap.
    2. Chicken — Breasts or thighs work well here; about a tablespoon of seasoning per pound of meat imparts excellent flavor.
    3. Roasted Broccoli — Lemon Pepper brings brightness to this simple side dish. Toss with olive oil and seasoning before baking. 
    4. Fish — Pat your favorite white fish (cod, haddock, porgy, tilapia, snapper, or bass, to name a few) dry with paper towels, then drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle lemon pepper seasoning on top, pushing down to ensure the spices stick to the fish. Bake in a preheated 425-degree oven for 12-15 minutes or until the fish flakes easily.
    5. Salad Dressing — Mix ½ cup of Kirkland Signature Olive Oil, two tablespoons vinegar, two teaspoons of Kinder’s Lemon Pepper Seasoning, and whisk for a tangy, bright dressing perfect for salads or pasta salad.
    6. Rice With Feta — Add some lemon pepper seasoning to this Budget Bytes recipe for spinach rice with feta for a healthy, flavorful side dish that complements chicken, pork, fish, or shrimp.
    7. Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings — For a new twist on the classic wings, try this Lemon Pepper Wings recipe from Spend With Pennies. It’s a simple recipe but follow it closely for crispy wings better than takeout. 
    8. Herbed Butter —  Soften unsalted butter until it’s room temperature, then mix in some lemon pepper seasoning to taste. Serve with toasted bread. 

    How To Use Kinder’s Buttery Steakhouse Seasoning

    Kinders Buttery Steakhouse Seasoning at Costco

    This seasoning has a deep, savory flavor. Here are some great ways to use Kinder’s Buttery Steakhouse Seasoning.

    1. Steak — We loved it on steaks, especially on filet mignon. Since the cut isn’t fatty, the buttery seasoning adds that missing element that takes the steak to the next level.
    2. Mushrooms — Sprinkle some on while sauteeing mushrooms for an excellent side dish. 
    3. Pork — Sprinkle lightly on chops or loin for a savory treat.
    4. Chicken — Don’t let the steakhouse in the name fool; this seasoning is excellent on chicken, too.

    How To Use Kinder’s Woodfired Garlic Seasoning

    When you open this container, you would think a smoker is nearby. This seasoning is for you if you want to add wood-fired flavor without spending hours near a flame. 

    1. Salmon — Most of us have one or two salmon recipes in our repertoire that we make on repeat. It’s time to change things! Pat the fish dry, drizzle a little avocado oil, and sprinkle some woodfired garlic seasoning for a new take on this staple fish.
    2. Pork — This protein is one of the most popular meats for BBQ. Cut down on time but not flavor with this Kinder’s seasoning from Costco. We love it on most of the cuts available at the warehouse.
    3. Chicken — Sprinkle on breasts or thighs for a weeknight dinner that takes no time. 
    4. Shrimp — Thaw your favorite frozen shrimp from Costco overnight in the fridge. When ready to cook, pat dry, drizzle with olive oil, and coat with Woodfired Garlic Seasoning. Cook in a saute pan for minutes. 

    How To Use Kinder’s The Blend Seasoning

    I want to scream this from the mountaintop, “I LOVE THIS SEASONING!” It is excellent on almost everything. We were diehard fans of AP Seasoning for years, but Kinder’s The Blend has taken the top spot in our kitchen. We reach for it constantly.

    1. Hamburgers — This takes the best hamburgers at Costco, which are excellent in their own right, to the next level! Sprinkle some seasoning on before grilling. 
    2. Chicken — Sprinkle on breasts or thighs for a weeknight dinner that takes no time. 
    3. Shrimp — Thaw your favorite frozen shrimp from Costco overnight in the fridge. When ready to cook, pat dry, drizzle with olive oil, and coat with Woodfired Garlic Seasoning. Cook in a saute pan for minutes. 
    4. Vegetables — Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots, Zucchini, Eggplant, Tomatoes, the list of veggies that go well with The Blend goes on and on. The simple ingredient list makes it a great complement to most vegetables. 
    5. Fish — This seasoning is excellent for any fish. Be sure to pat the filet or steak dry before seasoning so the spices adhere.

    How To Use Kinder’s Carmelized Onion Butter Seasoning

    1. Popcorn — This blend contains real butter, which makes it a natural addition to your favorite movie night snack. Sprinkle some on for lots of flavors without added fat. 
    2. Steak — Steakhouses often put a knob of butter on their meat to amp up the taste. A sprinkle of Kinder’s Carmelized Onion Butter gives you the same effect.
    3. Pork Chops — We love this on thick chops, which hold up well to the robust flavor.

    Kinder’s Seasoning At Costco Review

    We were surprised by how much we loved the Kinder’s Seasoning at Costco. Unlike most seasoning blends, these packs a flavorful punch and are versatile.

    Our overall pick for best Kinder's Seasoning at Costco is The Blend. It's simple, versatile, and tastes great. If we had to pick this one, this is it.

    Here’s our ranking of the best Kinder’s Seasoning at Costco.

    1. The Blend – Hands down, our favorite. The simplicity of ingredients lends itself to so many uses, and it took our burgers to the next level. It is excellent, and we will purchase it again when it’s gone.
    2. Lemon Pepper — This was a sleeper, as I did not expect to use it as much as we do. The flavors meld effortlessly and are a significant departure from our standard spices. Another Kinder’s seasoning from Costco we plan on repurchasing.
    3. Woodfired Garlic — The woodfired taste is authentic, unlike similar seasonings we’ve tried. The flavor, while simple, gets to be a lot after a while, so we put this one in the like but not love category.
    4. Organic Buttery Steakhouse — We liked this blend but haven’t been able to find too many uses beyond steak and chicken. 
    5. Carmelized Onion Butter — This is our least favorite. It’s powerful, and the buttery taste takes over. If you like butter, this is for you. We wish there were more of an onion taste to balance it better. 

    Best Kinder’s Seasoning At Costco For Steak

    For almost every cut, we recommend The Blend. The combination of salt, pepper, and garlic accentuates the flavor of the meat. Sprinkle a little on before grilling for an easy flavor boost.

    The one caveat is for filet mignon. We love Buttery Steakhouse for this cut. While filets have a met-in-your-mouth texture, it doesn’t have a lot of flavor since it doesn’t contain a lot of fat. A sprinkle of Buttery Steakhouse fixes that problem. It contains real butter, adding the umami flavor missing in this high-end steak. 

    Best Kinder’s Seasoning At Costco For Chicken

    This is a tie between The Blend and Woodfired Garlic. Both add a lot of flavor and are perfect for most recipes. If you want to change things up, try Lemon Pepper. It’s light and bright and a welcome addition to your cooking repertoire.

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