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    The Best Costco Dips For 2024

    Last updated: January 31, 2024

    We tried these Costco dips, so you don’t. If you want a simple appetizer that’s sure to please, spreads are the way to go. But before plunking down your hard-earned cash or filling your fridge with containers, it’s best to know which ones are worth buying.

    We’ve got you covered with a review of all of the dips in the warehouse. Some were great, and a few were duds.

    Before you head to the store, check out these Costco dip reviews, along with what to serve with them and how to use leftovers.

    Costco Dips

    What Dips Are Good At Costco?

    We go into in-depth reviews below, but there are several great Costco dips and spreads. Here are our top five.

    1. Good Foods Buffalo Style Chicken Dip
    2. Hannah Kickin Feta
    3. La Terra Fina Cranberry & Jalapeno (Available in Fall)
    4. La Terra Fina Smoked Gouda and Peppers
    5. Toom Garlic Dip

    No matter which dip you choose, you will want about ⅓ cup per person.

    The Best Costco Dips and Spreads 

    These are the Costco dips that are most often available at the warehouse. However, inventory varies among regions and seasons. 

    Hannah Kickin Feta Review

    If you want something that strays from the standard dip, try Kickin Feta. The sheep’s milk cheese provides a great salty flavor and mild kick from herbs and spices. Its Mediterranean flair pairs well with a tray of olives and veggies. 

    Serve it with crackers or vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli. 

    If you have leftovers, spread some on whole-grain toast and top with sliced tomato for a savory breakfast. It has just a little bit of heat. 

    Hannah Kickin Feta Price: $7.49

    Good Foods Buffalo Chicken Dip

    Buffalo Style Chicken Dip A Great Costco Spread

    This dip was one of the smaller containers and one of the beefiest dips we tried. You can serve Good Food’s Buffalo Style Chicken Dip warm or cold. We liked it better warm, although I could see eating it on the beach cold with celery and carrots.

    It has a little bit of kick but was still kid-approved. 

    If you have a mini crock pot to keep it warm for a party, that will work well. Tortilla chips, Ritz Crackers, carrots, or celery are all great dippers. 

    Put leftovers on top of lettuce for a low-carb lunch. We loved this one so much. We didn’t have that problem.

    Good Foods Buffalo Chicken Dip Price: $9.99

    Hannah Tzatziki

    Hannah Tatziki

    This spread, popular in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, is made from yogurt, garlic, and dill. It doesn’t have as much flavor as homemade versions, but it’s still a good game-day dip. We’ve reviewed this popular spread in 2023.

    If you are looking for a healthy Costco dip, give this a try. It’s excellent with sliced naan bread, cucumbers, carrots, and as part of a mezze platter. 

    If you have any leftovers, here is a simple Costco dinner. Top Naan bread with cooked chicken breast, sliced cucumbers, lettuce, tomato, and tzatziki. 

    Note for 2024: Some shoppers are having trouble finding this product, but I’ve seen it in our local warehouses, and the company tells me it isn’t discontinued.

    Hannah Tzatziki Price $7.89

    Kirkland Hummus 

    Hummus is a simple dip with few ingredients, but the taste and texture vary wildly among brands. Our favorite is Sabra, which has a smooth texture and mild flavor. 

    Costco sells individual portions of this famous label. But The Kirkland brand is a great alternative.

    It has an excellent taste and texture. Kirkland hummus has olive oil and pine nuts pooled on top, which turned off my 11-year-old. You could easily remove that, and adults may like the added crunch. 

    Hummus is great on a platter with vegetables, pita chips, and pretzels. 

    Leftovers are the perfect topping for a grain bowl

    Kirkland Hummus Price: $5.99

    Good Foods Chunky Guacamole

    This guacamole has excellent taste and comes in a pack of three, which is perfect for a family snack. It’s a solid choice for this popular Mexican dip.

    Serve with tortilla chips. 

    As for leftovers, spread them on toast and top with an egg for a delicious start to the day.

    Good Foods Chunky Guacamole Price: $11.99 

    La Terra Fina Spinach Artichoke Parmesan Dip

    This isn’t the same as the spinach and artichoke dip we’ve ordered at chains like Applebee’s, but it’s still a solid choice.

    La Terra Fina Spinach Artichoke Parmesan dip isn’t as salty as other varieties. A few testers tasted a citrus aftertaste, but not everyone had that experience. It tastes best warm, which took over a minute in the microwave.

    We love this Costco dip with tortilla chips or hearty bread. To make it a centerpiece, serve it in a large loaf of bread. Chef Not Required has excellent tips for creating a bread bowl

    If you have leftovers, use this spread as a baked potato topping. 

    La Terra Fina Spinach Artichoke Parmesan Dip Price: $9.49

    Big T Crab Dip

    Big T Crab Dip container available at Costco

    If you like crab cakes, you will like this dip; it tastes like the inside. This is not a light spread by any means. It combines 100% real crab meat with cream cheese and cheddar.

    We liked this dip but couldn’t eat too much of it. Although if you were having a large gathering, it’s a great addition for a party because it’s such a departure from the typical fare.

    It would make a great stuffing for baked fish if you have leftovers.

    Big T Crab Dip Price: $9.99

    Rojo’s Street Corn Dip

    Rojos Street Corn Dip Available at Costco

    I did not expect to like this dip as much as I did. It’s thick and tastes like corn and cheese. There is a hint of spice but nothing too powerful. We loved this with tortilla chips.

    We used some as a topping for baked sweet potatoes, which was a big hit. It would also be a great side dish for tacos or burritos.

    Rojo’s Street Corn Dip Price: $8.89

    7 Layer Dip at Costco

    It used to be a warehouse’s mainstay, but we haven’t seen this popular spread lately. Many of us are left wondering, does Costco still sell 7-layer dip? There hasn’t been an official announcement, but I haven’t seen it in the store since 2021. They do have a six-layer dip.

    Rojo’s Black Bean and Cotija 6-Layer Dip

    Costco 6 Layer Dip

    I’ve made this dip, which can be labor-intensive, so I had high hopes that we would love this version. This was our least favorite Costco dip. The flavor was flat, and the consistency was too thin. The flavors were muted, so you never really tasted any of the elements. We tried to jazz it up and add some jalapenos, but there was no saving this one for us. We would not buy it again.

    Rojo’s Black Bean and Cotija 6-Layer Dip Price: $11.49

    La Terra Fina Pineapple Habanero Dip

    This dip is unique as it combines the sweetness of pineapple with the heat of a habanero. I was at first concerned about the spiciness, but I only got hints here and there and wouldn’t label it hotter than a jalapeno with seeds. This would be great for a party since it’s so different and many people may not have tried it before. The website recommends using leftovers as a spread on a ham sandwich.


    Golden Taste Crunchy Pickle Dip

    Costco Crunchy Pickle Dip

    We won’t list Golden Taste Crunchy Pickle Dip at the top of our list as the taste becomes a bit monotonous after a few bites. The 24-ounce container is packed with chopped pickles mixed with mayonnaise and spices. It needs something salty to complement the sour flavor from the pickles, so we found thick potato chips and tortilla chips are the best accompaniment. If you love pickles, add it to your next Costco haul, but if you don’t love that flavor, it’s best to skip this one.

    Golden Taste Crunchy Pickle Dip Price: $7.99

    Queso Mama Beer Queso

    Queso Mama Beer Queso

    Now we love cheese, whether on cauliflower crust or a great burger. But this was an exception. Queso Mama Beer Queso fell flat for us. It didn’t have enough beer flavor to stand out, and what was left was just a slight hoppy flavor that didn’t work. As for the consistency, it was thinner than we expected, almost runny. We tried it hot as suggested, cold, with tortilla chips, pretzels, and vegetables, and none of the flavors melded. To quote the famous American Idol Judge, Randy Jackson, “it’s a no for me, dog.”

    Queso Mama Beer Queso Costco Price: $9.49

    La Terra Fina Cranberry & Jalapeno Dip and Spread

    The La Terra Fina Cranberry & Jalapeno Dip and Spread was a delightful seasonal find, capturing our taste buds with its perfect balance of sweetness and a subtle touch of spice. Despite being labeled as medium spice, we found it to lean more towards mild, making it accessible to a wide range of palates. Pairing exceptionally well with pretzel crisps and whole wheat crackers, this Costco dip has quickly become one of our favorites, earning its status as a customer favorite for good reason.

    The La Terra Fina Cranberry & Jalapeno Dip and Spread Price: $9.59

    Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit Carmelized Onion Dip

    Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit’s Onion Dip from Costco failed to impress despite our initial excitement for caramelized onions, as it lacked the robust flavor we were anticipating. Disappointingly, its inconsistency in texture, occasionally appearing runny even after thorough stirring, further diminished our enjoyment. Regrettably, based on our experience, we have decided not to purchase this Costco Onion Dip again.

    Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit’s Onion Dip Price: $8.89

    La Terra Fina Smoked Gouda and Peppers

    Terra Fina Smoked Gouda and Peppers Dip and Spread

    There’s some heat in this dip, and we like it! Once we tried La Terra Fina’s Smoked Gouda & Peppers Dip and Spread, it quickly went on the list of best Costco Dips. The package states to serve warm although it’s flavorful and addictive at any temperature.

    Just this week, we’ve had it with crackers, vegetables, and a dip for grilled chicken. It’s one of the spicier dips we’ve tried, so if you don’t like heat, this is not for you. But it’s delicious!

    La Terra Fina Smoked Gouda and Peppers Spread Price: $9.99

    Good Foods Chicken Taco Dip

    We tried this dip hot and cold, and no matter the temperature, we did not like the Good Foods Chicken Taco Dip. The texture and taste were off. Some bites would have large chunks of chicken, while others had none. As for the taste, we compare it to the filling of a frozen taco. The jalapenos don’t add heat, so that’s not a concern.

    If you want a chicken dip, get the Buffalo version; it’s much better.

    Good Foods Chicken Taco Dip Price: $9.99

    Toom Garlic Dip

    Toom is a version of the popular Middle Eastern garlic dip toum. Its light and airy texture, coupled with the lemony garlic taste, makes it extremely versatile. We loved it as much as a veggie dip as a topping on Amylu Greek Chicken Burgers. This one dip that we easily finished before the expiration date and cannot wait to buy again.

    Toom Garlic Dip Price: $6.99

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