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    A Sweet Guide to Finding the Best Honey at Costco: Manuka, Raw, and Wildflower

    There are some sweet deals at Costco, and one of them is the perfect addition to your pantry. We explore the nonperishable section of the warehouse today in search of the best honey at Costco. 

    Our bee friends produce endless varieties, and while the retail giant carries three versions, Manuka, wildflower, and raw, each serves a distinct purpose. Which is the best honey at Costco for you? 

    Costco Honey

    Does Costco Sell Honey?

    Costco sells four different honeys.

    1. Kirkland Organic Raw Honey – 4.5lbs $15.99
    2. Kirkland Signature Wildflower Honey – 5lbs. $16.99
    3. Manuka Health Manuka Honey – 1.1lbs $29.99
    4. Kirkland Signature Raw USA Honey – 3lbs. $12.49

    Bees return flower nectar to their hives and add enzymes to create sweetness. The flavor differences come from different flower varieties. In the USA alone, there are over 300 flowers that bees take nectar.

    Which is the best honey at Costco? Well, that depends on what you are looking for. Let’s break it down. 

    Raw Honey at Costco

    Raw honey at Costco

    Most honey sold is pasteurized to increase shelf-life, kill unwanted yeast, improve color and taste, and stop crystallization. That process also destroys some beneficial nutrients. Raw honey is also 100% pure honey, unlike some brands, which include ingredients like high-fructose corn syrup.

    Costco sells two versions of raw honey, Kirkland Signature 100% U.S. Raw Unfiltered Honey and Kirkland Signature Organic Raw Honey from Brazil. Both versions are raw, but the similarities end there. The two kinds of honey come from different countries; one’s organic, one is non-organic, and one is filtered while the other is non-filtered. 

    If you are allergic to bee pollen, buy the filtered version (Kirkland Signature Organic Raw Honey). Besides making for a smooth appearance and texture, filtering removes pollen. It’s rare, but eating unprocessed honey can cause a severe allergic reaction.

    Kirkland Signature Organic Raw Honey is from Brazil, one of the largest producers. It accepts the Brazilian certification. Honey produced in the US cannot be organic without pesticides. Bees travel up to two miles from their home hive, so even if their beekeeper uses organic products, you cannot guarantee the nectar is organic. 

    As for the best honey at Costco, if you want a natural version with significant health benefits, I recommend Kirkland Signature 100% U.S. Raw Unfiltered Honey. It has no additives and is not pasteurized or filtered, thereby retaining more nutrients. 

    Costco Raw Honey Price

    Our pick for the best honey at Costco, the Kirkland Signature Raw USA Honey, costs $12.49 for three pounds, while the Kirkland Organic Raw Honey is $15.99 for four and a half pounds. Both of these are a great deal.

    One of the top brands, Nature Nate’s Honey, sells for $8.99 per pound at the local grocery store and online. The cost is nearly double that of Costco’s Raw Honey. 

    These prices were accurate as of April 2023. 

    Kirkland Organic Raw Honey Fake

    While I have not tested the Costco honey in a lab to say with 100 percent certainty that it’s real, some things are working in its favor.

    Discussions of honey being fake have swirled for years. A 2021 report indicates that anywhere from 14 to 21 percent of samples tested from China had ingredients added. Some tout home tests that can help authenticate the product, but the National Honey Board debunks their validity.

    Just like the jargon around olive oil, consumers need clarification.

    Both raw honey versions sold at Costco are from somewhere other than China, where most of the watered-down products originate. 

    Kirkland Signature Organic Raw Honey is “True Source Certified.” This label indicates that a third party has independently tested the product to confirm its authenticity.  

    Kirkland Organic Raw Honey Benefits

    Unlike traditional versions, Raw honey is not treated with high heat. Many argue that the pasteurization process eliminates some of the healthy benefits. Raw honey contains a wide variety of nutrients. 

    According to Healthline, “one study compared the antioxidants in raw and processed honey from a local market. They found that the raw honey contained up to 4.3 times more antioxidants than the processed variety.”

    Food researchers and scientists haven’t conducted many studies directly comparing the 

    Kirkland Wildflower Honey

    Costco Wildflower Honey

    Wildflower honey is made when bees collect nectar from various flowers. Since the flowers are diverse, the honey’s taste, color, and aroma are too. Most wildflower honey has a strong flavor.

    Is Kirkland Wildflower Honey Raw

    Kirkland Wildflower honey is NOT raw. Besides not being listed on the packaging, the consistency of the coloring is another indicator that it’s processed.

    Raw honey is not heated to high temperatures, and many believe that pasteurization kills some nutrients. Testing indicates that raw honey has more enzymes and nutrients, although in traceable amounts. Scientists must do more direct testing between natural and processed honey to determine the differences.

    Kirkland Wildflower Honey Price

    Kirkland Signature Wildflower Honey is $16.99 for a five-pound container which is significantly cheaper than the local grocery store. 

    There we found a similar product for $4.59 for 12 ounces. The Costco version is $3.40 per pound. 

    A more direct comparison is the price per ounce. The Costco version is 21 cents per ounce, while the grocery store version is 38 cents per ounce. That’s a big difference! 

    Now, a product is NOT a great value if you throw it away. Five pounds is a lot of sweetness, but honey technically doesn’t spoil. It will crystallize over time, but a short bath in warm water fixes that issue.

    This price is current as of April 2023, and the last price update in the warehouse was in December 2022.

    Kirkland Wildflower Honey Ingredients

    Kirkland Signature Wildflower honey only contains one ingredient: honey. 

    Kirkland Wildflower Honey Pasteurized

    It does not clearly state that Kirkland Wildflower Honey is pasteurized, but another indicator leads us to believe it is processed. 

    The color and texture are consistent, often due to processing. Raw honey has a different texture. 

    Kirkland Wildflower Honey Vs. Raw Honey

    There are several differences between Kirkland Wildflower Honey and Raw Honey. Mainly Wildflower honey is processed while raw honey is not. The high heat used during pasteurization kills off many nutrients.

    Also different between the two products is the source. While the origin of Raw Honey versions are clearly labeled, it’s unknown where the Wildflower honey is from. There have been issues in the past with honey from overseas being cut with other products. This may not be the case, as the only ingredient listed is honey. 

    Kirkland Wildflower Honey Nutrition Facts

    Costco Wildflower Honey Nutrition Facts

    Manuka Honey at Costco

    Manuka Honey at Costco

    Costco’s fourth version of honey is the most exotic, Manuka Honey. This version comes from extracted Manuka blossoms that only bloom in New Zealand for 2-6 weeks per year. Manuka Health makes the Manuka Honey at Costco. We’ve seen Comvita but not recently.

    This variety is much more expensive thanks to the limited growing season and extensive harvesting. Many use it for digestive health and to heal the skin.

    Is Costco Manuka Honey Authentic

    Yes. Costco Manuka Honey is authentic. A QR code on each package allows the customer to trace its origins.

    Manuka honey only comes from New Zealand. The independent organization, UMF, tests the purity and authenticates.  Costco sells Manuka Health’s version of Manuka honey, which carries the UMF Seal. 

    UMF indicates strength with numbers ranging from 5+ to 20+, with 20+ indicating the highest level of beneficial compounds. The higher the concentration of these compounds, the more targeted the usage for common wellness remedies. Higher UMF levels also tend to have a darker color and distinctive taste (some might call it medicinal). 

    Manuka Honey Price

    Costco Sells 1.1 pounds of Manuka Health Honey with a UMF 10 rating for $29.99. We found the identical version on Amazon for $34.

    Manuka Honey Ingredients

    100% Natural Manuka Honey MGO250+

    Best Honey At Costco

    Best honey at Costco

    If you want natural honey with significant health benefits, I recommend Kirkland Signature 100% U.S. Raw Unfiltered Honey. It has no additives, is not pasteurized or filtered, and retains more nutrients. It’s the best honey at Costco.

    We often buy Kirkland Signature US Raw Unfiltered Honey. It has a solid taste that works well in various uses. The flavor is stable and not overpowering.

    Your product may have a slightly different name depending on where you live. That’s because, as of 2019, Costco partnered with Bee Local and other companies to provide regional offerings. If your geographic region produces honey, your product will list where it’s from. 

    Costco has a Southeast, Texas, Oregon, Idaho, California, Oregon, and USA for those that don’t have local production.

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