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    Here Are 3 Reasons You Need To Download The Costco App Today

    Our phones are flooded with apps. Every retailer wants you to use theirs versus the website while on the go. Often these shortcuts are unnecessary and don’t add much value for the consumer.

    You could write off the Costco app similarly, but a few prominent features make it worthwhile. 

    We’ve got three reasons we think it’s worth downloading.

    Image of iPhone where the Costco app  can be downloaded from

    Three Reasons We Love The Costco App

    We are huge proponents of shopping online at Costco. There are still great deals, and the free two-day shipping is a great benefit.

    Another great timesaver is the Costco App, but not for reasons you think. Here’s why we like Costco App.

    1. It links to your membership card.

    If you forget your wallet, the cashier can scan the code on your phone, which is the same as if you have a physical card. You cannot use the card the app produces for the Food Court or to purchase gas. 

    1. The Costco App saves your receipts.

    From the home screen, click on “My Orders.” You get a list of in-store and online orders from the past two years. Considering the generous Costco return policy, this is a great benefit; there’s no need to hold onto paper receipts anymore.

    1. It saves your credit card.

    If you use the Costco Anywhere Visa ®, the app allows you to store the information inside. Just like the membership card, you cannot use it for gas or food court purchases. 

    Costco App FAQs

    Is The Costco App Available For iPhone And Android?

    Yes, the Costco App is available for iPhones and Androids. It’s free to download from the App Store and Google Play. 

    Can You Use The Costco App To Shop?

    You can shop within the Costco app, although we don’t recommend this method. It’s no different than the website, and it doesn’t save you any time. 

    It’s easier to shop directly from the website. 

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