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    The Scoop On The Tasty And Affordable Tzatziki Sauce At Costco

    If you’re a fan of Mediterranean cuisine, you’ve probably heard of Tzatziki sauce, a creamy, tangy yogurt-based sauce that pairs perfectly with gyros, falafels, and other Middle Eastern dishes. But have you ever tried Tzatziki sauce at Costco? That’s right, the wholesale giant sells a version of this special sauce, and it has quickly become a fan favorite among shoppers. 

    Read on to learn everything you need about this tangy dip. Is it healthy? How do you use it? Can you heat it and more?

    Let’s get to it.

    Tzatziki Sauce at Costco Tubs in Refrigerated Section

    Tzatziki at Costco

    Tzatziki is a Greek sauce made from yogurt and cucumber; it’s tangy and a bit sour with notes of dill. Costco sells Hannah Tzatziki in the refrigerated section near the other dips and spreads. One two-pound tub costs $7.89.

    How Much Is Tzatziki Sauce at Costco?

    Tzatziki Sauce at Costco Cost

    One two-pound tub of Hannah Tzatziki Sauce at Costco costs $7.89. The last change to the price tag was in early April 2023. 

    We couldn’t find the exact product in our local grocery store; it seems to be only in Costcos. But, at 24 cents per ounce, it is a reasonable price compared to other brands. The store brand costs 33 cents per ounce, and the Cedar’s Brand tub is nearly double the price at 42 cents per ounce. 

    It lasts for about three months and is versatile. If you like Mediterranean food and think you will eat it, it’s worth a spot in your cart.  

    Hannah Tzatziki Ingredients 

    Unlike homemade versions, Hannah Tzatziki contains sour cream and preservatives. Here are the other ingredients:

    Yogurt (pasteurized milk, light cream, nonfat milk, modified food starch, carrageenan, pectin, live active cultures [S. thermophilus, L. bulgaricus]), sour cream (cultured pasteurized light cream, nonfat milk, enzymes), cucumbers. Contains less than 2% vinegar, garlic, sea salt, spice, citric acid, potassium sorbate, and sodium benzoate (preservatives).

    There is an allergen warning that it contains milk.

    Hannah Tzatziki Nutrition

    Hannah Tatziki is an excellent low calories dip but has some saturated fat. Here are the complete nutrition facts.

    What Should Tzatziki Taste Like? An Honest Tzatziki Sauce at Costco Review

    While we enjoyed the Tzatziki at Costco, it won’t replace our favorite homemade version. The taste is decent, but we like our sauce a little thicker. We would recommend this as a dip for a party. 

    Hannah Tzatziki has a solid taste with hints of garlic, dill, and a little cucumber. We wish there were more big pieces of cucumber. 

    That being said, it’s very versatile and low in calories, so if you aren’t up for making it at home, the Hannah Tzatzki from Costco is worth a place in your shopping cart. 

    What Do You Eat With Tzatziki? 

    We love Tzatziki on top of Greek Marinated Chicken in a pita, but you can use it for much more! Here is some excellent food to eat with Tzatziki.

    As a Dip With:

    • Naan Bread
    • Carrots
    • Cucumbers
    • Celery
    • Bell Peppers
    • Everything Bagel Toasts
    • Pita Crackers
    • Ritz Crackers
    • Grape Tomatoes

    On Top Of:

    • Chicken
    • Breaded Baked Fish
    • Lamb
    • Falafel
    • Greek Meatballs
    • Gyros

    As a Dressing

    • Greek Salad
    • Shwarma Bowls

    How Long Does Costco Tzatziki Sauce Last?

    Hannah Tzatziki at Costco Tub

    Costco Tzatzki has a sell-by date on the lid. Unlike a homemade version that lasts only four days, Hannah Tzatziki has preservatives and will last about three months in the fridge.

    Be sure to store the product properly. Hannah Tzatziki should be refrigerated. Don’t leave it at room temperature too long to prevent harmful bacteria growth. 

    A strange odor forms when the product has gone bad; sometimes, mold forms on top. Lead with your senses. If something doesn’t look, taste or smell right, toss the product, even before the sell-by date. 

    Can You Freeze Tzatziki Sauce At Costco?

    You can freeze Hannah Tzatziki sauce, but the consistency will likely change after defrosting. The sauce becomes grainy thanks to the fat separating during freezing. It’s not ideal, but here’s how to freeze Costco Tzatziki.

    Transfer the sauce to freezer-safe containers. We recommend portioning it into serving sizes. About one ⅓ cup is enough for four people. Cover with two cling wrap layers, then put the lid on. This prevents freezer burn. Label the container.

    To defrost the tzatziki, place the portion in the refrigerator overnight. You may find the sauce a little watery or grainy. Give it a good stir, and add some plain Greek yogurt to thicken it if necessary.

    Is It Ok To Heat Up Tzatziki Sauce?

    We recommend keeping tzatziki cold or room temp for serving for a few reasons. All are due to the ingredients.

    Cucumbers tend to act funny when heated, changing the taste of the sauce. Greek yogurt also changes when exposed to warmer temps. That’s why it’s often added at the end of cooking and mostly off heat.

    Tzatiki sauce at Costco is excellent at room temperature or cold as a dip or sauce; there’s no need to heat it!

    Is Tzatziki Sauce Healthier Than Hummus?

    Homemade tzatziki has more protein and lower calories than hummus, but the Hannah version differs. Not all brands of dips are created equally, but generally, Tzatziki Sauce at Costco is NOT healthier than hummus. 

    Hannah Tzatziki has a high-fat content thanks to the added sour cream. Each two-tablespoon serving has 4 grams of fat, 2.5 of which are saturated fat. It’s also lower in calories. 

    Grocery store hummus typically has more protein, thanks to the chickpeas. One two-tablespoon serving of Sabra Classic Hummus had 2 grams of protein versus Hannah’s 1 gram. 

    Is Tzatziki Sauce Healthier Than Ranch?

    Yes! Hannah Tzatziki is healthier than ranch dressing. It’s lower in calories, fat, and sodium. Let’s compare equal portions of Hannah Tzatziki and Hidden Valley Ranch

    Hannah TzatzikiHidden Valley Ranch

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    8 thoughts on “The Scoop On The Tasty And Affordable Tzatziki Sauce At Costco”

    1. Costco has been out of Hannah Tzatziki for three weeks. I’ve been buying it for years. They say they’re out of it now. That’s a first. I think they’ve discontinued it but for some reason they don’t want to tell customers.

      1. Interesting! Come to think of it…I haven’t seen it at our local store, either. It was never on death star. I reached out to the manufacturer and I’ll ask next time I go to the warehouse and report back.

        11/15 update:
        I reached out to the manufacturer, Hannah Foods and here is their reply:

        “We are sorry to hear the Tzatziki is not currently available in your area. We only ship to the distribution centers so we do not have any idea of which stores carry it. You would need to contact your local Costco and hopefully if you speak to the manager they may bring it back to your location.”

        It seems like it is still available at some stores. I found it at a Costco a little further away and they have it available through Instacart, too.

    2. Hi,
      I was told today that it has been discontinued. I havd been searching online & dont see the product available anywhere else.
      Any suggestions?
      Thank you!

    3. Hannah’s Tzatziki has been absent for months from our location as well. I emailed Hannah and they gave me the same sound advice to let the store manager know and leave a suggestion in Costco’s suggestion box. Was in store on 1/3/24 and the ever so delicious Hannah’s Tzatziki was not back yet.
      I leave a suggestion every time I am there and try to catch the manager about this too. Guess I am going to have to start growing dill and cucumbers again…

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