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    Costco Christmas Dinner

    Costco Christmas Dinner 2023: Unlock the Festive Flavors of a Yuletide Yum

    Embark on a culinary journey this holiday season with the perfect blend of convenience and festive flavors as we unwrap the wonders of a Costco Christmas Dinner. Costco, the haven of bulk bargains and quality products, extends its magic to holiday feasts. In this article, we’ll guide you through a festive adventure, showcasing the delectable options, time-saving delights, and mouthwatering Christmas dinner menu ideas that Costco offers. From succulent roasts to decadent desserts, discover how Costco can turn your Christmas dinner into a stress-free, delicious celebration. Prepare to transform your holiday table into a feast that leaves a lasting impression on family and friends.

    Costco Christmas Dinner Main Courses

    Costco Ham —An industry expert estimated that 15% of Americans eat ham during the holidays, according to the Washington Post. Costco hams are excellent options for the holidays. Our All About Ham article discusses price, choices, and more.

    Roast Beef — We haven’t found prime rib at Costco, but the meat section is brimming with eye round. This cut is an excellent option for Roast Beef. I’ve been using the oven-off method for years; it yields a perfectly cooked roast every time. 

    Filets — Impress your guests and fill your belly with delicious filet mignons from Costco. These buttery pieces of beef are the perfect celebratory meal. If you have guests with hearty appetites and don’t want to spend a lot, add a tray of lasagna or some crab cakes to cut down on the meat.

    Costco Turkey — For an affordable main course, try Costco Turkey. Whether you are serving a couple or a crowd, everyone has options, including the popular Kirkland Siganture Turkey Breast. 

    Branzino — If you want a healthy, showstopping Christmas Main Course from Costco, it’s time to make Branzino. Even if you aren’t a great cook, you can do it! This recipe from The Mediterranean Dish explains everything and goes from prep to table in 25 minutes. 

    Costco Lasagna

    Lasagna — There are three versions of lasagna at the warehouse. We’ve reviewed them all; some are better additions to your Christmas dinner than others. Costco Lasagna pairs well with almost any main course, so it’s the perfect addition to your menu if you feed a crowd. 

    Costco Lobster Tails

    Lobster Tails — You only need to heat and serve these lobster tails. They are small, so these are best alongside another main, like steak or roast beef.

    Costco Crab Cakes

    Costco Crab Cakes — These heat-and-eat crab cakes are an excellent addition to any Costco holiday meal. You can heat them in the oven or stove if oven space is premium. 

    Costco Christmas Dinner Sides

    Costco Mashed Potatoes

    Mashed Potatoes — Whether you make them from scratch using one of the five or ten-pound bags or try a packaged version, mashed potatoes are an excellent Costco Christmas side dish to complement most main courses.

    French Fries — They are kid-friendly and easy to make. Don’t knock a simple french fry for a great Christmas side. Sprinkle some Epircurean Specialty’s Truffle Parmesan Seasoning found in the spice aisle to take these spuds to the next level.

    Costco Sweet Potato Fries

    Sweet Potato Fries — We’ve reviewed these, and spoiler alert, we love them. Be sure to cook them properly for the best results, and just like their lighter-hued cousin, these sweet potato fries would welcome a sprinkle of Epicurean Specialty’s Truffle Parmesan Seasoning.

    Baked Sweet Potatoes or Regular Potatoes— No need to fire up the oven for this Costco Christmas side dish. Baked potatoes and the crock pot are the perfect combination. Be sure to pick similarly sized spuds to ensure even cooking. Well Plated By Erin has all the details. 

    Costco Scalloped Potatoes

    Costco Scalloped Potatoes — Costco scalloped potatoes are the epitome of holiday indulgence, boasting a rich and creamy texture that effortlessly complements the festive spirit of Christmas dinner. With their delectable blend of thinly sliced potatoes and savory cheese, these ready-to-bake delights from Costco bring a touch of gourmet elegance to your holiday table, making them the perfect side dish to elevate your Christmas feast.

    Costco Crescent Rolls

    Crescent Rolls — Everyone loves Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, and at $11.89 for 40 rolls, it’s nearly half the price of local grocery stores. 

    Costco Christmas Dinner Salads

    Bagged salad is the easiest way to get a well-balanced veggie dish on the table. We tried every salad kit in the warehouse, and here are the two we’d recommend. 

    Costco Caesar Salad

    Costco Caesar Salad — The dressing is balanced just right — not too tangy or intense and the accompaniments (croutons and cheese) are crowd-pleasers. If you have a large group, plan on a few bags.

    Costco Sweet Kale Salad

    Kale Salad Kit — Greens don’t need to be boring. This kale salad kit has salty and sweet elements and hearty greens that scream winter. 

    Costco Christmas Dinner Vegetable Sides

    Brussel Sprouts — The warehouse sells two-pound bags of brussel sprouts. Plan on about 1/4 lb. per person, meaning the package serves eight. If you have a hungry crowd, bump it to ⅓ lb. per person. 

    Roasted Broccoli — The warehouse sells three-pound bags of broccoli. Plan on about 1/4 lb. per person, meaning the package serves eight. If you have a hungry crowd, bump it to ⅓ lb. per person. 

    Cauliflower Mash — Low-carb guests, no problem! Buy a large bag of cauliflower florets and make a large batch of cauliflower mash. Add roasted garlic, a kinder seasoning, or truffle seasoning for more flavor. 

    Costco Christmas Dinner Menu Ideas

    For appetizer ideas, check out the best Costco Dips for 2023. Here are some Costco Christmas Menu Ideas.

    Simple Traditional Costco Christmas Dinner Menu                                                                                                                      

    Beef Loin
    Truffle Mashed Potatoes
    Caesar Salad

    Surf and Turf Costco Christmas Dinner Menu 

    Filet Mignons (Bacon Wrapped) 
    Crab Cakes
    Mashed Potatoes
    Roasted Broccoli
    Costco Cheesecake

    Surf and Turf Costco #2 Christmas Dinner Menu 

    NY Strips
    Lobster Tails
    Cauliflower Mash
    Kale Salad
    Chocolate Cake

    Easy Costco Christmas Dinner Menu 

    Scalloped Potatoes
    Mashed Sweet Potatoes
    Roasted Broccoli
    Apple Pie

    Costco Christmas Dinner Menus For 2*

    Menu 1

    Caesar Salad
    Kirkland Signature Turkey Breast (cut into thirds and freeze the other parts)
    Mashed Potatoes
    Chocolate Dream Dessert Collection

    Menu 2

    Kale Salad
    Filet Mignon ( Most have 5 per package – freeze the others)
    Lobster Tails (package has 4, so there are two per person)
    Mashed Potatoes
    Junior’s Mini Cheesecakes (keep the rest in the freezer)

    Menu 3

    Ham Steak
    Scalloped Potatoes
    Apple Pie

    You will have leftovers, but only a few! 

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